Best Battery For 6.7 Cummins

Best Battery For 6.7 Cummins

Most diesel engines where the Cummins are included usually need incredible power to crank. That means if the vehicle has a 6.7L cumin engine, then there’s the need to have a heavy-duty battery. Models with such engines are also associated with inclusions like pumps and lighting features, which need a lot of power to keep them running.

Vehicles That Boast Cummins 6.7 Diesel Engine

Cummins 6.7 Diesel engines are also known as the turbo engine. They are mainly found in RAM 2500 and RAM 3500. These vehicles are viewed as heavy-duty hoopties, and they require a staggering power supply to all the RAMs and pick-up trucks.

So if you’re considering a battery replacement for vehicles powered by Cummins engines, be sure to choose the battery with excellent specifications like incredible CCA, high reserve capacity, durability, and other features.

Best Battery For 6.7 Cummins

Best Battery for 6.7 L Cummins

In case you feel worried about tracking down the best battery with the features mentioned, or you want to upgrade your Cummins 6.7L diesel engine, we’re confident that our top four batteries review guide could be a great solution.

Here are Some of the Best Battery for 6.7 Cummins

AGM Premium Delphi Battery

If you want to buy a premium quality battery, something that can power all the accessories in your 6.7 Cummins diesel engine-powered vehicle, then the AGM Premium Delphi Battery could be a better choice. It is a full-line battery unit that can deliver maximum power.

Want to make your vehicle safer and more connected? The AGM Premium Delphi Battery could be a perfect choice when it comes to powering multiple electronics. With an impressive cold-cranking amp and reserve capacity, this unit becomes standalone to others.


  •       Voltage: 12 Volts
  •       Extended Cold Cranking Amps
  •       Reserve Capacity of 140 minutes
  •       20x vibration resistance of conventional batteries

You’ll easily start your car even in chilly weather, as enhanced by the range of this battery’s cold cranking power. The reserve capacity is meant to help run many accessories or charge several electronics. With an extended life cycle, superior vibration, and corrosion resistance, the AGM Premium Delphi Battery is our top choice.

Perhaps the most worthwhile feature is its integrated glass matt technology; it makes it a fast-charging unit in comparison to other traditional batteries.


  •       Top-line premium quality battery
  •       Easy to install
  •       Faster recharge
  •       Reserve capacity is 140 minutes


  •       A bit smaller, but it works

ACDelco 94R AGM battery

When you think of buying a battery for your vehicle, especially those powered by a 6.7 Cummins diesel engine, be sure to check that you’re getting the best one possible.

Using unreliable and wrong batteries will bring about numerous visits to automotive engineers. On the bright side, something as great as the suitable battery unit can make your life down on the road stress-free. That’s why we’re reviewing the ACDelco 94R AGM battery; it’s among the best in the range.

This battery is designed with an oxygen recombination technique to minimize water reduction. It is also durable because of the pressure on the plates that come in handy to reduce mass loss from the grid.


  •       The total voltage of 12 Voltage
  •       Dimensions: 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches
  •       Product weight: 51.6 pounds
  •       Three-year warranty
  •       Made with AGM design

The ACDelco 94R AGM battery boasts remarkable deep cycling abilities and a fast charging rate. Not to forget that the AGM design means the battery is leak-proof. The stated oxygen recombination technology means only a less amount of water is lost, thereby enhancing the battery’s lifespan than its competitors. And with the long service life, you can count on this battery for a range of vehicles.

The constant maintenance of pressure on the battery’s plates helps to reduce mass loss actively within the grid. The plates come with high density, therefore boosting the battery’s lifespan and amazing performance. The caps are made of vented design to make sure it’s spillage free. It also has a low internal resistance due to the presence of calcium lead, which is highly conductive.


  •       High-performance battery
  •       Durable
  •       Long service life
  •       Low internal resistance
  •       Maximum conductivity


  •       Limited warranty
  •       Susceptible to corrosion

ODYSSEY Lead Acid Battery (94R-850)

The ODYSSEY 94R-850 Lead Acid battery is designed to ensure that all accessories in your heavy-duty vehicle work efficiently. With deep cycling abilities, the produced here is highly reliable and offers an extended service cycle.

This lead-acid battery comes with a unique design that can meet surplus power needs by your vehicle’s accessories. It has an amazing cold-cranking capacity, so your car will start and stop as and when you need it. The whole thing is quite perfect for your daily truck. Below are some of its features:


  •       Low discharge rate
  •       Fast charge rate
  •       CCA of 850
  •       Reserve capacity is 150 minutes
  •       Weight 54.8 pounds
  •       Dimensions 6.85 x 12.36 x 7.47 inches
  •       Easy to install in any position


This battery is more durable than most of its competitors. Aside from being highly reliable and its abilities in deep cycling, the ODYSSEY 94R-850 Lead Acid battery is spill-proof and highly resistant to shock and intense vibrations. That means, even when you drive in rough terrain, the battery will be safe and secure, thereby saving you from the maintenance cost.

The battery also has a low discharge rate that can hold the juice of up to 12 Volts. Likewise, the unit takes six hours at most to charge fully. It is precisely what you need for your day-to-day functions as it will hardly disappoint you.


  •       Durable
  •       Charges at a fast rate
  •       Low discharging rate
  •       Resistant to vibration
  •       Leakage free


  •       Low rated customer services


Northstar Pure Lead Automotive Battery (NSB-AGM94R)

This is another popular battery with, famous ultra-high performance nature. It has an incredible reserve capacity, great cold-cranking amps, best cycling abilities, fast recharge rate, and low maintenance cost.

Also, for those looking to use their vehicles for purposes other than transportation, the Northstar Pure Lead Automotive Battery could be an excellent choice. You can count on this for your SUV, trucks, and off-roaders. Here are some of its features


  •       Total cranking rate is 1, 650A
  •       Reserve capacity of 158 minutes
  •       Voltage of 12 Volts
  •       One-year warranty
  •       Weight 25.9 kg

Another outstanding feature of this battery stem from its incredible cycling ability. It one of the best when it comes to powering most diesel engines. The battery also boasts a fast charging rate together with high cold-cranking amps.

The stated high cranking rates mean all your vehicle’s needs are taken care of. Besides, the rigid housing used here ensures the unit is highly resistant to shocks and vibrations.

The battery is also resistant to excessive heat dissipated by the engine. Therefore, your safety and that of your car are pretty well guaranteed. What’s more, you’ll have no burden of checking water levels or wiping the battery terminals clean now and then- a fancy of saying you’re completely covered in this.


  •       Leakage free
  •       Resistant to vibration
  •       Resistant to corrosion
  •       Incredible cranking rate
  •       Minimal maintenance


  •       Not the best warranty

The Best Battery For 6.7 Cummins: What To Look For?

Types of Battery

Note that there are two types of batteries available for diesel engine-powered vehicles. These two main batteries are AGM and Lead-acid. Lead-acid batteries are the most common diesel pickup truck option, while AGM batteries are considered the most sustainable.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

This simply refers to the total number of amps a certain battery can discharge at the rate of 7.2 amps for 30 seconds and zero degrees. Harsh cold weather is one of the causes that can make the engine start rough.

If you live in places where the temperature falls mostly below 0° F, you should go for a battery with a higher Cold Cranking Amps rate. In that case, batteries with 500 CCAs are suitable for vehicles.

Best Battery For 6.7 Cummins

Reserve Capacity

Considering 25 amps of discharge, the total battery’s runtime is known as Reserve capacity (RC). The measurement usually impacts how many accessories you can run by your vehicle or what electronics you can power before the battery lapses.

In such cases, the AGM batteries are best due to their Highest RC. Batteries with an AGM design can keep almost 80% of their charge after a strenuous discharge.


There are different sizes of batteries available on the market. The physical measurements (Height, Width, and Length) make a certain battery different from others. When looking for a replacement, ensure a better size with the most suitable fit.

The Bottom Line

Essentially, your Cummings 6.7L diesel engine requires a reliable and solid battery for optimal performance. We’ve discussed the best four replacement batteries ideal for such engines. You might want to follow the guide above to make sure you get the best battery that fits your vehicle for better performance.

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