Why Are Jeep Patriots so Cheap?

Affordability and Appeal: Why Jeep Patriots Remain Popular

The Jeep Patriot is a small SUV that initially appeared on the market in 2006. Although the Patriot is no longer in production, the car was a big success on the market. That is the reason why you can still spot it on the roads today. This article will take you through some of the reasons why the Jeep Patriots are so affordable.

Why are Jeep Patriots so Cheap?

Affordability and Appeal: Why Jeep Patriots Remain Popular

In a nutshell, the Jeep Patriots are inexpensive since they are small compact SUV s with a basic engine, a basic interior, and few premium features. Therefore, they are designed for individuals who intend to use it as an everyday car and who are not willing to spend their money on the luxury versions of the Jeep. Other reasons why the Jeep Patriots are so cheap are listed below:

It is an entry-level compact SUV

The Patriot was initially released as a new entry-level compact SUV. However, at the time of its production, small SUV s were becoming increasingly popular on the market.

Jeep chose to join this market with an entry-level car. That is why they priced the Jeep patriot at an affordable price to make it more competitive compared to other vehicles in the same price range.

No Powered Doors or Windows

 The Jeep Patriot’s windows and doors are manually powered. So to unlock and open the doors, you need to press a button on the side of each door. On the other hand, you can open and close the windows manually on the inside of the door. To some extent, that helps in cutting down the costs.

Basic Interior 

The interior of the Patriot is extremely basic. It lacks all the fancy features, and nothing in its interior can make it stand out from other cars that come in the same price range. As stated earlier, the Patriot is thus designed for individuals who want to spend less on their vehicles but require a functional SUV that can enable them to move from point A to point B smoothly.

Competing on Price

Small SUVs popularity was rapidly rising at the time of the Jeep Patriots production. So to ensure that the Patriot knocked out other vehicles in the market that were in the same price range, Jeep decided to make it the cheapest SUV. To achieve that, the company had to lower costs where they could.

No top-of-the-line Options

The Jeep Patriot has nothing that you can consider to be “top-of-the-line.” Just some simple features such as manually operated door locks and windows and air conditioning. Thus its cost of production is also low.

Standard Material Used

Materials used in the construction of the Jeep Patriot are not of high quality. The use of cheap materials played a significant role in cutting down on the cost of its production.

Smaller Engine Used

To lower the manufacturing cost, Jeep used a small engine in the Patriot. That is because, compared to prominent engines, smaller engines are inexpensive to make. Thus, the Patriot is powered by a 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine that is neither slow nor too fast.

The Ride Quality is not that Good

The ride quality of the Jeep Patriot is adequate but not exceptional. It’s precisely what it’s supposed to be: a simple vehicle that gets you from point A to B. Thus vehicle is not a suitable option for anyone looking for a comfortable ride.

The Vehicle is not Meant for Luxury

The Patriot is not a high-end automobile. It’s not supposed to be one. Instead, it was designed to be an entry-level SUV that would compete well with other vehicles in the same price range.

All Jeeps lack a premium feel. That is because they are made with no-frills, and their design is simple. However, an appearance has never been a deterrent for Jeep, and the Patriot was no exception.  

What Makes the jeep Patriot so Popular?

All you have to do is to take one look at a Jeep Patriot driving down the streets, and you will immediately know that it is a Jeep. It has the traditional boxy Cherokee design that other generations of the renowned Jeep have abandoned. It’s also a chance for Jeep enthusiasts who can’t afford one of the more popular models to acquire one of their own, thanks to its low pricing. An even better aspect is that it is an SUV that does not require a large sum of money to insure.

There’s plenty of room in the cargo hold. So if you’re looking for a small family car, this is the vehicle for you. You can load up your kids into the car, throw all your belongings in the back, and drive out to the lake for the weekend.

Another aspect many Patriots owners appreciate is the vehicle’s ability to travel off-road. Some variants even have four-wheel drive. But, of course, it can’t keep up with other Jeeps like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. But still, for someone who wishes to try some of the more accessible trails, they can do so safely.

Why did Jeep stop the Manufacturing of the Patriots?

Affordability and Appeal: Why Jeep Patriots Remain Popular

One of the big reasons why the Jeep Patriot failed to sell as was expected was due to its low level of technology. It’s perplexing why Jeep chose not to include new technology. It could have been due to a desire to keep the price point low. However, with competing crossovers in the same price range that provided tech, the Patriot may have been doomed.

According to Motor-trend, many drivers despised the Patriot because of its slow acceleration. It was aggravating to have to press down hard on the gas pedal for a few seconds before the car could begin to move forward. Furthermore, the inside left a lot to be desired. It was simple, plain, and, as previously noted, technologically deficient. Although the higher trim levels included additional features, some potential buyers preferred to go with another vehicle due to the price rise. For the same money, customers could obtain a higher-quality vehicle with more technology.

The fact that the Patriot never performed well in safety tests was arguably the final nail in its death. When all of these concerns were considered, the Patriot required a serious overhaul or replacement. Sadly, Jeep decided to discontinue the Patriot.


Although Jeep Patriots are deemed cheap, they have not lost their place in the market. That is especially true for first-time car buyers and those searching for economical, reliable, and fuel-efficient vehicles. But, unfortunately, since Jeep stopped manufacturing them, you can only buy a second-hand Jeep Patriot.


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