Car fabric protector

303 Fabric Guard: Choosing the Best Car Fabric Protector

Car fabric protector

Every car owner needs to invest in quality fabric protectors. It protects the car seats from accidental spills and subsequent stains. Instead of living a life full of fears, get a fabric protector that ensures the car upholstery retains the appeal and perfect shape for the longest period possible.

In your search for the best fabric protector, you might have probably come across 303 Fabric Guard or the Scotchgard. These quality fabric protectors are highly effective in serving their intended purposes.

Different companies produce 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard. Therefore, you should expect some differences between the two brands. 

For example, it’s easier to apply 303 Fabric Guard than the Scotchgard fabric protector. On the hand, Scotchgard brands are more readily accessible in the market than the 303 Fabric Guard, which is hard to find.

Before you settle on one option between 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard, you should consider the key features of each brand and your immediate preferences. Let’s compare 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard to develop a comprehensive guide that will help you make an informed purchase.

303 Fabric Guard vs Scotchgard: Overview


  • 303 Fabric Guard is Strong and Long Lasting

303 Fabric Guard is made from a high-tech fabric that offers the ultimate protection for over three years. Scotchgard lasts a couple of months since it’s made from fragile silicone fabric.

  • It’s Easier to Apply Scotchgard than 303 Fabric Guard

Scotchgard has an easy one-time application. Therefore, you don’t need detailed skills for you to use it. The Scotchgard fabric protector comes with a guide that provides direction for application.


Both 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard offer maximum protection to the car seats from contaminants, soil and liquid. They make it easy for the car owner to clean spills and spots on the seat fabrics.

The two fabric protectors also ensure that the upholstery is clean and fresh. The outdoor elements that can damage car seats don’t have access.

303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard are safe to be used without any adverse effects on pets, kids and adults. Notably, 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard fall within the same price range.

Another significant similarity between the two fabric protectors is that you don’t require additional applications after installing the first one accurately. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the daily and monthly reapplications. You can change it only when it wears out.

303 Fabric Guard Overview

Before 303 Fabric Guard became a famous product in the automobile industry, homeowners initially used it to protect outdoor furniture. Since most people trust it to protect the outdoor fabric, it will also be a good fit for your car.

303 Fabric Guard is ranked as an exceptional fabric protector that protects the fabric from water and spills like coffee and soda, among others. Apart from the protection, the product ensures that your car’s upholstery is clean and durable.

If you’ve tried 303 Fabric Guard, you will realize it’s water repellant. It’s perfect to be used in various types of fabrics, and it will repel all forms of contaminants. 303 Fabric Guard is different from other fabric protection brands because of its versatility. You can apply it to RV covers, convertible tops and other fabrics.

Scotchgard Overview

Scotchgard is designed for car owners with children. It’s meant to prevent stains and damages from the accidental spillage of your kid. Scotchgard can make the car seats and the mat water repellant. It’s also gentle on fabrics and won’t suffocate the car materials like the other fabric protectors. After applying Scotchgard, the car mat and seats will remain breathable as they were before.

Why Choose 303 Fabric Guard?

There are a lot of fabric protectors in the market, but 303 Fabric Guard is outstanding because of its ability to last long. In addition, it’s water repellent and protects your car seats and mats from the harmful effects of water.

Aprt from being moisture repellant, the 303 Fabric Guard can also protect the car’s fabric from Ultraviolet light, fading, disintegration and dirt. Cars are often exposed directly or indirectly to the harsh elements of summer and winter. Without proper protection, the fabric will wear out faster and disintegrate.

303 Fabric Guard can last for over three years. That is a long time for you to live a life free of spillage or dirt stains. Another advantage of the 303 Fabric Guard is that it can be applied to various fabrics. In addition, it can also be used on either the new or old fabric.

Why Choose Scotchgard?

Scotchgard is the oldest fabric protector in the market. It’s the product of 3M Corporation, and it has been serving the role of Car fabric protector  for over 70 years. It also prevents stains and damaging spills on the car mats and seats.

The surfactant feature of Scotchgard makes it not bind with the applied fabric materials. Therefore don’t worry about the possibility of stain after removal. It’s also a versatile protector that can be used on car surfaces, including car carpets, seats, covers and mats, among other upholstery.

If the car surface has Scotchgard fabric protector, the feeling or appearance won’t change, but the product will offer excellent fabric protection. Note that Scotchgard wears out faster than 303 Fabric Guard, especially when it’s washed regularly.

Car fabric protector

Final Verdict

303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard are reliable Car fabric protector . However, the 303 Fabric Guard is suitable for car owners operating in areas that receive heavy rain or experience winter. It’s also a good option for car owners transporting products that can spill easily.

Scotchgard is for the everyday driver afraid of tea, coffee or soda spills. In addition, it serves the parents who wish to please their children and protect the car’s upholstery. Finally, since it’s easy to apply and Scotchgard is ideal for individuals with no experience.