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Pros and Cons of Red Leather Car Interior

Red leather car interior

The color of your Red leather car interior just like so many choices, depends on personal preferences and taste. A red leather interior is not tacky. Some of us love red leather for the interior. Red calls for attention, so when you get a red interior, be prepared for stares and questions from your passengers and passersby. Red brings a feeling of power, strength, dominance, and intimidation. If you don’t have a strong personality that can handle praises and criticism in equal measures, red leather may not be for you.

Why Red Leather Car Interior

There are different shades of red available for your car’s interior. People who choose red leather interior for their vehicles have given several reasons for their choice that include;

  • A red leather interior gives a car an elegant and sassy look. It gives an aura of power and dominance. It makes an inexpensive car look a class higher. These interiors are more popular among men contrary to the popular belief that women love red.
  • Red boosts the adrenalin. It raises the need to act. A driver who is thrilled by speed will most likely love a red interior. It pushes one into action.
  • Red, like any other light color, attracts less heat.
  • Red stimulates sensitivity to our surroundings, thus making the driver more alert while on the road. Who can sleep when the car interior is calling for attention!

Why Not Red leather Car Interior

If you are a person who shies away from attention and critique, then a red interior is not for you. Some people don’t love red; it isn’t their color of choice for their interiors. Some of the reasons car owners don’t go for the red leather interior are;

  • Red shouts for attention. Some people don’t like drawing attention to themselves, and would not go for this particular look.
  • Due to its brightness, it is easy to stain. Dust and stains are more visible in bright colors than dark ones.
  • The red leather interior doesn’t blend well with most exterior car colors. A color mismatch gives the car an odd look.
  • An inferior quality red leather interior gives a car an appalling look, thus giving it a tacky look.
  • Red triggers panic mode in your body. If you don’t like adrenalin-raising sights, you might consider keeping off from red interiors.
  • Red in some instances is considered a premium option. It could cost you much more than a car with a dark interior.

How To Take Care Of Red Leather Car Interior


The first step in cleaning a red leather car interior is to vacuum. This will remove sand, debris, and loose grime and do not scratch the leather while cleaning. A domestic vacuum cleaner is good enough for the job.


Start by testing the cleaning agent on a small spot if it’s the first time using the agent. Purchase a good-quality leather cleaner to avoid damage and discoloration to your interior. You may need to avoid harsh, acidic cleaners. If you are making your cleaner at home, mix one part of water with two parts of vinegar for a standard solution. For leather seats, use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from the hard-to-reach areas. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the entire interior. Wipe plastic trims and the dashboard with a soft cloth to remove any residues. You can then buff the dashboard for that nice-looking finish. 


Apply leather conditioner on your interior with a soft cloth, ensuring it is absorbed. The conditioner prevents the leather from baking or cracking when exposed to sunlight. It also gives the leather a great look. Petroleum-based products are not suitable for conditioning as they cause build-up on leather. 

Cons Of Red Leather Interior

Leather is not breathable

Unlike cloth, when you sit on a leather car seat there is no way of your perspiration escaping into the air. This is so uncomfortable; you end up not enjoying your ride. To counter this menace, many manufacturers opt for perforated leather which is a little more breathable but is hard to maintain. Be prepared for sweat drops in summer.

Leather Does Not Regulate Temperatures

Leather does not regulate temperatures. When the temperatures are high, the leather interior becomes unbearably hot. When cold strikes, the leather becomes colder. An air control system might help regulate the heat or cold.

Chances Of Fake Leather

Car manufacturers rarely use genuine leather. In most cases, the manufacturers blend genuine leather with fake leather for high-end models. For the lower models, they use fake leather only. 

High Maintenance

A leather interior requires frequent cleaning and conditioning to prevent a tacky look. Accumulated dust, dirt, and stains can make the interior look awful. Cleaning products and conditioners are more expensive than other interiors making them high maintenance.


Cars with a leather interior are often treated as a premium option. This comes with an added cost, which is highly dependent on the quality of leather used.

Tips To Maintain A Cozy Looking Red Leather Interior

  • Use quality leather cleaners. Do a spot in a hidden area before using it on the entire surface. Do not use it if it causes discoloration.
  • While purchasing a cleaner or conditioner, get one with natural ingredients.
  • Regularly clean and condition your car’s leather interior.
  • Avoid using rough- bristle brush; use a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid products made of petroleum; they can cause build-up destroying your leather.Red leather car interior


We have different tastes and preferences. Your color of choice may not necessarily be someone else’s choice. If you are comfortable with the red leather interior for your car, go for it. Learn how to maintain it, and you are good to go. A red leather car interior is not tacky if well maintained.

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