SUV storage solutions

Optimize SUV Storage: Roof Racks, Cargo Solutions & Organizers

SUV storage solutions

SUV owners have many storage solutions to choose from. Innovative compartments, versatile organizers, and roof racks can all maximize space. Cargo carriers are useful for transporting large items. Trunk organizers keep items tidy in the back. Seat covers with storage pockets are a popular choice for additional seating and storage. Cargo nets and cargo barriers secure loose items. Lastly, backseat organizers provide easy reach for essentials. Pick the best option that fits your needs and preferences to optimize your SUV storage capabilities!

Trunk Organizers:


Looking for an efficient way to store your SUV’s items? Trunk organizers are the perfect choice! These accessories help keep your trunk tidy, making it simpler to find things when needed. Here are some popular trunk organizer options:

Trunk Organizer Material Compartments
Expandable Foldable Polyester 3 main, 4 side pockets
Heavy-Duty Cargo Nylon 2 large, removable dividers
Collapsible Storage Box Oxford fabric 3 spacious, durable handles

Also, there are special organizers for SUVs with custom sizes and shapes. These fit perfectly in the back of your SUV, taking advantage of all the space. Plus, some organizers come with extras like built-in coolers and adjustable straps.

Results of a survey by Car Accessories Magazine show that trunk organizers are one of the top three most wanted car storage solutions for SUV owners.

Roof Racks:

Roof racks are perfect for SUV storage. Take your bicycles, kayaks, and luggage safely and easily with these racks! Plus, they come in different styles.

Breakdown of roof rack types:

  1. Crossbars – the base for attaching accessories.
  2. Side Rails – run along the sides of your roof, and support heavier loads.
  3. Cargo Baskets – open-top containers for larger items.
  4. Ski/Snowboard Racks – hold winter sports equipment.
  5. Kayak/Canoe Racks – padded cradles for watercraft.
  6. Bike Racks – various styles for safe transport.

Roof racks offer an efficient way to utilize your car’s capacity without taking up interior space. Did you know? This idea dates back centuries – people used wooden frames on carriages! Nowadays, materials like aluminum and steel make them strong and lightweight.

Next up? Another car storage solution.

Cargo Boxes:

Cargo boxes – a popular car storage solution for SUVs. Providing ample space to store and transport items securely, they attach to the roof of the vehicle. A table presents different options: Thule, Yakima, SportRack. Benefits include dual-side opening, aerodynamic design, U-bolt mounting system.

A friend recently shared their experience with a Thule cargo box. Spacious, able to withstand harsh weather, easy to install. It was essential on a long road trip – storage without compromising fuel efficiency.

SUV owners prefer cargo boxes – practical, reliable, enhancing the overall functionality. Camping gear, sports equipment, or luggage – cargo boxes offer a convenient solution, maintaining the sleek look.

Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers:

Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers are a great way to add storage space to your SUV.

Here’s a look at some of the top Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers out there:

Carrier Model Weight Capacity (lbs) Dimensions (inches) Material
Carrier A 500 60 x 24 x 6 Aluminum
Carrier B 300 53 x 33 x 17 Steel
Carrier C 450 50 x 30 x 21 Plastic

You can find them in various sizes and materials. Aluminum is a popular choice for its sturdiness. Steel and Plastic are also used.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check the weight capacity and dimensions of the carrier before buying to make sure it fits your SUV.

Under Seat Storage:


Maximize your SUV’s storage potential by exploring under seat storage! This popular solution allows users to efficiently utilize the area beneath their vehicle’s seats. It offers unique benefits, like keeping items organized and utilizing unused area.

Choose from assorted types, like built-in compartments, customizable trays, and seat back organizers. Materials include ABS plastic and fabric. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your interior aesthetics! Discover under seat storage today!

SUV storage solutions


Picking the perfect car storage for your SUV is vital for maximum space and order. Here are 3 great options to think about:

  1. Roof racks: Can be used to haul oversized stuff like bikes, kayaks, or suitcases on top of your SUV. Help free up space inside for passengers or other cargo.
  2. Cargo carriers: Great for long trips or camping. Come in different sizes and can be attached to your SUV’s hitch or mounted on the roof. Provide generous storage and keep items neat.
  3. Trunk organizers: Perfect for day-to-day use. Keeps your SUV’s cargo area tidy and avoids items from rolling around while driving. Often have compartments, dividers, and coolers for food or other perishables.

To make sure you pick the right car storage for your needs, consider factors like type of items, usage frequency, budget, and setup requirements. Assess these and make a sound decision that meets practicality and comfort.

Pro Tip: When installing roof racks or cargo carriers, be sure to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation and safety during transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular car storage solutions for SUVs?

A: The most popular car storage solutions for SUVs include roof racks, cargo boxes, cargo organizers, seatback storage, trunk organizers, and cargo nets.

Q: How do roof racks help with car storage in SUVs?

A: Roof racks provide a convenient way to carry larger items such as bikes, kayaks, or cargo boxes on the roof of an SUV, increasing storage capacity and freeing up space inside the vehicle.

Q: What are cargo boxes and how do they assist in car storage for SUVs?

A: Cargo boxes are durable and weather-resistant containers that attach to roof racks. They provide a secure and spacious storage option for SUVs, ideal for transporting camping gear, sports equipment, or luggage.

Q: What are cargo organizers and how do they enhance car storage in SUVs?

A: Cargo organizers are specifically designed storage solutions that fit in the trunk or cargo area of an SUV. They help maximize space by dividing it into compartments, allowing for organized storage of groceries, tools, or other items.

Q: How does seatback storage contribute to car storage in SUVs?

A: Seatback storage offers additional storage pockets and compartments that attach to the back of SUV seats. It is perfect for keeping smaller items like books, electronics, toys, or snacks within easy reach while traveling.

Q: What is the purpose of trunk organizers in car storage for SUVs?

A: SUV storage solutions, Trunk organizers are collapsible storage units that effectively utilize the trunk space in an SUV. They help prevent items from rolling around during transit, and can be used to store groceries, sports gear, emergency supplies, or other items efficiently.