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Near You: Discover Car Restoration Services Nearby

I’m excited to tell you about a great way to find top-notch car restoration services close to you. It’s the Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator. This powerful tool gives you quick access to over 7,000 approved facilities in North America. It’s perfect for anyone restoring a classic car or needing routine maintenance. It connects you with experts who meet AAA’s high standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover over 7,000 approved auto repair facilities across North America.
  • AAA Members enjoy exclusive benefits at these facilities.
  • Quality of work is guaranteed, ensuring your satisfaction.
  • Get priority service and discounted labor as an AAA Member.
  • Free maintenance inspection with any paid service.

Services Offered by Car Restoration Experts

Legacy Classic Trucks is known for top-quality car restoration services. We’re proud of our skilled team and wide variety of services. These services help in reviving your beloved old cars.

Chassis Fabrication

At Legacy Classic Trucks, our specialist team can fix, modify, or build frames for vehicles. They use the best materials and the latest methods to make sure your vehicle is tough and accurate.


We design custom suspensions that fit your vehicle and how you like to drive. This includes basic suspensions and more advanced suspension systems. Our goal is to make your ride smooth and safe.

Diesel Swaps and V-8 Conversions

Our Turbo-Diesel conversions are known for their reliable power. We use technology from military and commercial uses. We also offer V-8 engine upgrades for better performance.

Body and Paint

Our body and paint jobs are famous. We use a special painting method that makes vehicles look and stay beautiful for a long time.

Custom Interiors and Mil-Spec Wiring Harnesses

The inside of your car is important to us. We can make bespoke interiors just for you. We also install advanced wiring systems for strong electrical performance.

4×4 Conversions and Disk Brake Conversions

If you want your car for off-roading, we do 4×4 conversions. This improves handling on rough paths. We also upgrade brakes for better safety.

Air-Conditioning Retrofit and Heavy-Duty Towing Packages

We add air conditioning to make your journeys comfortable. For those who need it, our towing packages are top of the line.

Focal Sound Systems and Borla Exhaust

We provide sound systems that make driving a joy. We also fit cars with Borla exhausts for better speed and a cool engine sound.

Custom Woodworking

Besides mechanical work, we do custom woodwork. It adds special flair to how the inside and outside of your car look.

Legacy Classic Trucks is full of experts focused on the fine details. No matter the project – from frame work to specialized woodwork – we aim to fulfill your vision. Contact us to start discussing your car’s restoration needs.

Services Description
Chassis Fabrication Repair, stretch, customize, and fabricate frames
Suspension Design custom suspensions tailored to your needs
Diesel Swaps and V-8 Conversions Provide reliable and fuel-efficient powertrains
Body and Paint Specialize in “single-stage” painting using top-quality paints
Custom Interiors and Mil-Spec Wiring Harnesses Create personalized interiors and reliable electrical systems
4×4 Conversions and Disk Brake Conversions Enhance off-road capabilities and improve stopping power
Air-Conditioning Retrofit and Heavy-Duty Towing Packages Ensure comfortable driving and equip for towing larger loads
Focal Sound Systems and Borla Exhaust Deliver immersive audio experiences and improved performance
Custom Woodworking Add unique and beautiful touches to your vehicle

Chassis Fabrication


When you need car restoration, finding a trusted place is key. Use AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator. It shows over 7,000 certified repair shops across North America. These shops do everything from fixing the frame to painting your car.

It’s crucial to pick a place that meets AAA’s high standards. They promise great service and your satisfaction. From simple tune-ups to full restorations, these places can make your car shine again. Going to those who are pros near you means your vehicle will be well looked after.

Don’t risk your car with just anyone. Use the Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator to find the best places for restoring classic or special cars. Check out to get your perfect car restoration shop.


What services do car restoration facilities offer?

Car restoration shops provide many services. These include body and paint work and making custom interiors. They also do chassis fabrication, suspension design, and make diesel swaps.V-8 conversions, mil-spec wiring harnesses, and 4×4 conversions are on the list too. Also, services like making disk brakes and adding air conditioning are available. They do custom jobs in woodworking and install premium sound systems.

How can the Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator help me find car restoration services near me?

The Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator by AAA lets you find trusted workshops near you. It lists over 7,000 qualified facilities in North America. By entering your location, you can see the top choices close to you.

Why should I choose an AAA approved facility for car restoration?

Choosing AAA approved workshops for car restoration is a good idea. These places go through a detailed check by AAA. They offer quality service with affordable prices and guaranteed satisfaction.You get important benefits like priority service and discounts on labor. Plus, with any paid service, you get a free maintenance check. Knowing your car is in the care of experts makes a huge difference.

What types of vehicles can car restoration facilities work on?

These facilities work on many vehicle types. This includes cars, trucks, and SUVs. They specialize in vintage cars, classics, and muscle cars.Regardless of the size or type of your vehicle, they are ready to help. If it needs restoring, they are the ones for the job.

Can car restoration facilities customize my vehicle according to my preferences?

Yes, they do a lot of customization work. They can adjust the chassis, suspension, and interiors to suit your taste. This includes unique paint jobs, special upholstery, and features personalized for you.Whatever you dream up for your vehicle, they can make it happen. Your car can truly reflect your style and needs when they are done.

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