Walmart Car Battery Warranty

Maximizing Walmart Car Battery Warranty Benefits

Like any other component, car batteries can range in price from $50 up to more than $300. And considering that this’s a crucial piece of your vehicle, having a warranty that covers the cost of your battery can help save money on maintenance down the road.

Buying a car battery from Walmart will grant you protection automatically as the Walmart Car Battery Warranty is included in the purchase price. This article seeks to explain how to take full advantage of Walmart’s warranty program. We’ll keep this super simple so you can skim through and grasp the information you need.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Cost

Maximizing Walmart Car Battery Warranty Benefits

Note that this will vary on each battery. Read on the description before making the purchase. Walmart sells three lead-corrosive batteries that are restrictive to Walmart and can’t be bought somewhere else. They are easily recognizable by a sticker on the batteries’ case:

  • -EverStart Value
  • -EverStart Plus
  • -EverStart Maxx

EverStart batteries vary in price subject to their cold-cranking amps (CCA), which is the number of amps required for the car to run. The warranty period will be determined by which battery you purchase.

  •       EverStart Value: Free replacement within one year of purchase
  •       EverStart Plus: Free replacement within two years of purchase
  •       EverStart Maxx: Free replacement within three years of purchase

After buying your car battery, check with your Walmart Auto Care Center to see if you can obtain credit from your previous battery and apply it to the lead-acid disposal fee (around $12). Note that the EverStart Maxx Battery 5-years Pro-rated warranty that Walmart used to offer has since been discontinued. You might want to check the autos to find out if you’re covered by those terms.

This pro-rated warranty is based on this exact formula: Age of the battery divided by 60 times the new battery price. That means if you bought your car battery three years and six months ago, the age would equal 42 months. Assuming the price of the new battery is $100, the following formula would be as follows:

42/60 * 100 = $70 would then be the price of your new battery.

How the Walmart Car Battery Warranty Work

Basically, if your car battery stops working within the warranty period, you’re eligible to receive a replacement battery at no charge. Below we’ve described the types of damages that are and are not covered by your Walmart car battery warranty.

Walmart Car Battery guarantee covers accidental battery damage

  1.       The battery fails to start the vehicle
  2.       The battery does not charge to its full capacity
  3.       The battery case begins to bulge
  4.       Corrosion leakage

Accidental battery damage by you or others is usually not covered under warranty

  •       The vehicle was involved in an accident, and the battery was destroyed.
  •       The battery was left exposed to outdoor elements and was damaged.
  •       You self-install the battery, and it short circuits

Your Walmart store has the final say, and it’s at their discretion to make that ultimate determination. In case you have an unused car battery that you no longer need, Walmart’s return policy allows for up to 90 days from the date of purchase to return it.

The form of your refund will be dictated by the method of original payment (cash, debit/credit, or store credit). You might have a better chance of getting a refund of the full price if you have the original receipt.

It’s good to state that the new battery you get as a replacement does not come with its own new warranty. This is because the old warranty you have is still active.

To effectively restart the warranty, Walmarts warranty process requires you to buy the battery at full price. Many people are sending in claims due to this fact, but in reality, it makes sense on the ground that Walmart can’t give away free batteries either. You might want to mention this during your second battery purchase, but sadly, this is often overlooked or forgotten.

Reminder: If you’re about to buy a new battery from Walmart, be sure to copy the recipe and attach it to your documents in the glove box. The figures/numbers on the printed recipe can disappear as days go by, thus the need to save a copy.

Do You Need a Receipt for Walmart Battery Warranty?

The simple answer is No. If you purchased an EverStart battery at Walmart, they would stick to the warranty period that is stated on the battery. In the event that you’re returning a battery to the same store you bought it in the first place, you can give them the date of purchase, and they can trace the receipt for you. Also, if you have the serial number on the battery, you should bring it along as it can help during the search of your receipt.

How Do You Claim the Walmart Battery Warranty?

Maximizing Walmart Car Battery Warranty Benefits

First up, you need to visit the service desk at your local Walmart Auto Center. Of course, you can consider a different store, but if you’re attending the same store you made the purchase, they might be able to find your original receipt by giving them the purchase date. This is what you need to do to claim the warranty:

You also need to know how to approach Walmart and its employees. We’ve seen numerous complaints at Walmarts warranty, service, and such, but we think it’s essential you play your part as well before filing a complaint.

This is probably because the employees at Walmart aren’t really graduated in Walmarts warranty and policies. They most likely got a brief on the basic warranty terms, and they give on the most products, which is typically 90 days.

That means they might have no clue how Walmart’s battery works. Your job may, therefore, involve standing by your purchase and let them know what the policy actually is. You don’t want to be rude about it. Just approach it in a polite, but firm way.

If you played nice and didn’t help you out, then call on their manager. Managers will often resolve the issue and help you out. If that doesn’t work either, well, then shame on them. File a complaint or contact their customer service.

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