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Welcome to Precision Car Restoration. We’re your top choice for bringing your classic car back to life. If you seek expert care, you’re in the right spot. We know how much you love your vintage car and provide everything it needs to shine again.

Precision Car Restoration boasts years of experience and a team of specialists in car restoration. Perhaps your car needs some touch-ups, mechanical boosts, or a complete restoration. We got you covered. What makes us stand out is our focus on quality, honest estimates, and top-notch customer support. We’re not just any restoration company; we’re your partners in bringing your beloved car back to life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Precision Car Restoration specializes in antique, custom hot rod, and muscle car restoration.
  • We offer comprehensive services including body work, mechanical work, and pro touring.
  • Our team is known for their quality craftsmanship, upfront estimates, and excellent customer service.
  • We provide weekly updates and offer flexible payment schedules.
  • Our goal is to make restoring your dream car easy and affordable.

Comprehensive Classic Car Restoration Services

aesthetic improvements

Precision Car Restoration offers many services to fully restore classic cars.

We use our expertise to make sure every part of your car looks great again.

Aesthetic Improvements

Our team focuses on making your classic car look better.

We keep the original charm while adding new, cool features.

This includes fixing rust or dents and painting the whole car.

Body Restoration Process

We carefully fix the body to keep your car strong.

We use the latest methods and best materials to make it look new.

This means fixing the outside, replacing old parts, and making the car feel new again.

Mechanical Upgrades

We offer upgrades to make your classic car run better.

With our skills, we can make the engine and other parts work well.

Whether you want more power or better control, we aim to please.

Pro Touring

For muscle car lovers, we can make your dream car.

We change classic muscle cars into high-power machines.

This includes new engines, custom insides, and better suspension.

“Precision Car Restoration made my classic car better than new. They kept its old charm but added new features I love. I’m so happy!” – John, satisfied customer

At Precision Car Restoration, we love restoring classic cars.

Our team is all about great work and making you happy.

Contact us today and start making your classic car shine again.

Services Description
Aesthetic Improvements Includes repairs for rust or dents, as well as full body paint jobs.
Body Restoration Process Covers necessary repairs for the structural integrity of the vehicle.
Mechanical Upgrades Offers full upgrades to enhance the performance of the classic car.
Pro Touring Specializes in transforming muscle cars for high-performance road use.

Trusted and Experienced Car Restoration Shops

Precision Car Restoration is well-known for its top-notch services across the country and around the globe. We stand out because of the quality we put into every restoration project. Each car is restored with extreme care and attention to detail.

Bringing your classic car to us means you will get a clear estimate upfront. We want you to know exactly what the work will involve and what it will cost. We value openness, ensuring you have all the information you need before starting.

We are committed to keeping you in the loop on your project. We keep in touch, sharing progress through photos and regular updates. This way, you always know how your car is coming along in its restoration.

Restoring classic cars is a big deal and we recognize that. To help, we offer payment plans that work for you. Our aim is to make the restoration journey smooth and affordable, while still delivering top-quality results.

For your classic car revitalization, pick Precision Car Restoration. We’re known for our outstanding craftsmanship and dedication to customer service. Let us revive your classic car and bring back its former glory.


What types of cars does Precision Car Restoration specialize in?

They focus on restoring antique, custom hot rods, and muscle cars.

What services does Precision Car Restoration offer?

They provide full services like body and mechanical work, along with pro touring.

What is included in the body restoration process?

The process includes making it look better, fixing rust and dents, and painting the whole body.

Can Precision Car Restoration upgrade the performance of a classic car?

Yes, they can boost classic cars’ performance with mechanical upgrades.

Does Precision Car Restoration have expertise in pro touring muscle cars?

They are skilled at upgrading pro touring muscle cars. This includes engine changes and custom parts.

Is Precision Car Restoration a nationally and internationally recognized car restoration shop?

Yes, their work is known worldwide and nationally for its top quality.

What sets Precision Car Restoration apart from other car restoration shops?

They stand out by offering great customer service, clear communication, and detailed estimates.

How does Precision Car Restoration keep clients informed during the restoration process?

They take photos of the progress and update clients every week.

Does Precision Car Restoration offer flexible payment schedules?

Yes, they do. This helps make paying for the restoration more manageable for clients.

What is Precision Car Restoration’s goal?

Their aim is to help you affordably restore your dream car, smoothly.

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