Key Fob Hiding

Key Fob Hiding: Secure Options for Your Car

How can you conceal a key fob on your car so that no one else can unlock the door and start your car? No matter how diligent you are, you can unknowingly lose your car’s key fob or even lock them inside at some point. Therefore, you will save time and aggravation if you plan and have a backup key fob on standby or you keep the primary one in a safe place.

The good news is, if you own a vehicle, then you’re probably also in possession of more than one key. As a result, you won’t need to replicate the current one in most circumstances. You only have to hide it in an ideal hidden location where you can easily retrieve it.

Hiding Your Key Fob on the Car

Key Fob Hiding

The most obvious method is to hide your car key on the vehicle. It is one of the most deadly if done wrong. Do you want to discover why hiding your automobile key fob is dangerous?

Many car thieves know that some car owners store key fobs in magnetic boxes, or magnetic hide-a-keys. If you lose your automobile key fob, don’t worry. If you put it in a box and attach it somewhere accessible, that’s likely to happen. Example: concealing the key fob under the car.

There are numerous ways to hide the key fob on the automobile to prevent theft. These methods are suggested.

Start with durable duct tape or a magnetic box with strong magnets. Despite road quality and environmental circumstances, your key fob should stay on the designated place till the owner picks it.

Attaching the key fob to a metal car part is crucial. It must be secured so bumps and heavy force cannot knock it off.

You should also avoid hiding the key fob in public places. The gasoline tank flap can be opened by anyone, therefore don’t secure the key fob.

Avoid keeping the key fob near the bumper, region beneath, and around the license plate since too many people use it to store extra keys.

The fender interior should also be avoided. The fenders are continually stressed and covered in dirt and sand. Not the finest key fob hiding position.

Look for hard-to-see car places. Your car may also support a hitch receiver vault.

If you keep your key fob on your car, only open the door. Make it difficult for someone to find the ignition key since you’ll lose your car.

You should store your items in a box with a difficult combination lock. If someone finds the key, they can’t open your car.

Other Best Places That You Can Hide the Key Fob

In A Secretive Place At Home

You can hide the key fob in various places throughout your home. The first and most critical step is to select a hiding location that you will easily remember. Even if you’ve not been using the spare key fob for years, you will realize that you desperately need it one day.

If you dump it in a random position, chances are you won’t be able to remember where it is when needed. As a result, it’s a good idea to remember where you concealed the key regularly. It’s especially helpful if you’ve chosen a new hiding spot. It’s also a brilliant idea to tell a family member where the key is kept.

Some of the most incredible hiding spots within your home that you can keep the key fob includes;

  • Below the coffee canister (use the zipper storage container)
  • Below the drawer or chair
  • Beneath a picture
  • Diversion safe
  • Fake air vent
  • Fake wall outlet
  • Hidden wall safe

Make sure you don’t leave your key fob in plain sight and don’t mix it up with the house keys. The main disadvantage of having your additional key fob at home is that if you lose the primary one, you’ll either have to return home or ask a member of the family to transport the key fob to your actual location.

In The Wallet or Purse

Key Fob Hiding

Keeping the key fob in your wallet or the handbag might be a convenient option because it’s always there when needed. That is among the primary reasons why so many individuals prefer this alternative. Although it is superior to many other options, it is not free from dangers.

The biggest downside is that you’ll also lose your key fob if you lose your wallet. When crooks know where their automobile is parked, that is again a big problem to handle. Wallets and purses are small and they can easily slip out of your hand.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, there are many options available for hiding a key fob. You must first decide whether you wish to hide it in your car or another different location.

If you choose to hide it in the car, you should focus on secure and hidden locations. You still have a lot of alternatives if you wish to retain the key separately.

Each hiding site has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. When making a choice, you must weigh the risks and rewards and choose a solution that meets your specific requirements.

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