Is Subaru Starlink Worth It?

Is Subaru Starlink Worth It?

Driving from point A to point B should be more than just a trip. Of course, if you drive a Subaru, you already appreciate how smooth the ride is, how good the steering is, how sensitive the brakes are, and so on. However, all of these components are more concerned with getting you to your destination.

To help solve this, Subaru has included the Starlink system in their vehicles to ensure that you have the comfortable, secure, and enjoyable driving experience that you deserve. However, you might be wondering, is the Subaru Starlink system worth it? Though upgrading your Subaru with the Starlink system might seem expensive, it is still worthwhile. Below are some reasons why Subaru Starlink is worthwhile.

Top 4 Reasons Why Starlink Is Worthwhile

Improved Safety and Security

There is no greater luxury in life than the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are safe and secure.  With Starlink improved security and safety measures, you will have smooth access to emergency services. These services are accessible whether you are in your vehicle, on your phone, or on your computer. They include the following

Starlink Concierge

With every drive, Starlink Concierge is the same as having a personal assistant. The package includes in-vehicle, timely assistance with hotel and restaurant reservations, as well as purchasing theatrical and sporting event tickets. At the stroke of a button, your Starlink Concierge can also assist you in finding places of interest and scheduling service appointments at your favorite Subaru dealer.

Vehicle Alerts

With the MySubaru mobile app or, you can easily set different speeds, curfew, and boundary alerts to manage other people that you let use your Subaru. Once any of the alerts are triggered, you will be notified on your phone.

Curfew alerts: it helps you to set up curfew periods when no one should turn on your car.

Boundary alerts: allow you to draw a circle or a square on a map indicating the areas where your Subaru shouldn’t leave or enter.

Speed alerts: allow you to set a speed limit for your car and send you an alert when the speed is exceeded.

Automatic Collision Notification

Any time your Subaru is involved in a collision, the Automatic Collision Notification feature will alert Starlink’s Customer Care Advisor. The advisor will then communicate to you using the speakers in your car and also notify the required first responders.

 Remote Engine Start with Climate Control

Starlink allows you to remotely start your Subaru using the MySubaru app available on your smartphone, thus making your journey comfortable from the beginning to the end.

Improved Road Assistance

Starlink allows you to request non-emergency roadside assistance by just pressing on the blue “I” button on your overhead console. Help is usually sent to your GPS location within no time.

Vehicle Health Report

Every month, Starlink sends a link to your email that directs you to a personalized website where you can get a complete diagnostic report for your Subaru.

SOS Emergency Assistance

Starlink allows you to connect to your customer care advisor from anywhere in the United States, District of Columbia, Hawaii, and Alaska by pressing the SOS button.

Vehicle Condition Check

With Starlink, you can get your Subaru diagnostics like tire pressure, driving range, and many more on MySubaru mobile app or

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

If your Subaru is stolen, a Starlink customer care advisor will help the police recover it by tracing its GPS location.

Stolen Vehicle Immobilizer

Once the stolen Subaru recovery service has started, Starlink can immobilize the car so that the next time anyone tries to turn it on, the car will not start.

Maintenance Notification

Anytime your Subaru requires maintenance, Starlink will alert you via email, ensuring that your Subaru gets the necessary care at the right time.

Diagnostic Alerts

Anytime an engine warning light shows up on your car’s dashboard, Starlink will send you a notification via text, email, or MySubaru app explaining in detail what the light means and whether you should book a service appointment.

Service Appointment Scheduler

Starlink will always alert you on your Subaru’s head unit when it is time to have your service scheduled at your favorite retailer. The notification will also show on MySubaru mobile app.

Vehicle Security Alarm Alert

Starlink automatically notifies you when your Subaru’s security alarm is activated.

Engaging Multimedia Services

One of the most obvious disadvantages of listening to podcasts or music on your smartphone via auxiliary wires when driving is the need to operate the devices with your hands. In addition, as a driver, it distracts you by forcing you to take your gaze away from the road.

Starlink Multimedia’s powerful connectivity addresses that problem for you, with wireless pairing via Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Pandora integration. This allows you to access your beloved material without taking your eyes off the road while driving. As a result, you can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination securely, soundly, and entertained.

Wi-Fi Accessibility

A Subaru is a great choice, particularly if you are a driver who carpools or has children. Your car is similar to your home in certain respects. You’re taking on the role of a host, ensuring that your passengers have a good time in the vehicle.

If you drive with passengers frequently, you can improve their experience, and they will value your hospitality as their host. Starlink’s Wi-Fi connectivity is based on a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. As a result, you can stream and share your content with other travelers. The connection is so strong that it can support up to eight devices at once.

It Increases the Shelf-Life of Your Subaru

When life gets busy, it’s easy to lose track of one of the many critical tasks that must be completed. Getting your vehicle maintained on a regular basis, for example, is essential if you want to get the most value out of it. But, unfortunately, things like family, work, and life’s other shocks can get in the way and cause you to forget about something so important.

With Starlink, you can receive notifications of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance services via the MySubaru app on your smartphone. This feature will aid in the smooth operation of your Subaru for many years to come.



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