How Much Does Tesla Charge For Tire Rotation?

How Much Does Tesla Charge For Tire Rotation?

Auto maintenance tasks apply to all automobile varieties, including the state-of-art vehicle like Tesla. One of the regular maintenance work done at regular intervals for all cars is tire rotation. Tire rotation allows for even wear, making them last longer.

In addition, proper tire rotation ensures that all four wheels are always functioning optimally. Teslas need tire rotation to equalize wear before you decide to purchase the new tires. Tesla tires are expensive, and you will always wish to have all the four tires well optimized before throwing them away.

Like the other premium automakers, Tesla offers extended service plans to guide their customers on vehicle maintenance. The recent Tesla Owner’s guide recommends performing tire rotation for both Model S and Model 3 after every 5,000 to 10,000 miles of usage.
Most Teslas service centers charge approximately $150 for tire rotation.

When you approach non-Tesla mechanics, you can save up to 50%. Therefore, that means you can use between $75 and $95. All automobile mechanics are trained and highly equipped to do the essential maintenance for diverse vehicle varieties. However, most drivers find that the additional costs explicitly incurred at the Tesla service centers are worth it.

What is Tire Rotation?

Setting up your Tesla for tire rotation doesn’t typically mean that you will be making them move only in a circular manner for no reason. For example, rotating the four tires in the same clockwise manner at the same time. Instead, tire rotation means shifting tires.

It’s a common occurrence for the rear tires to wear out faster than the front tires. Therefore, tire rotation means removing the front tires and fixing them at the back. For the rear tires you will be fitting them at the front so the car can have some uniformity.

Should you have an all-wheel or a four-wheel-drive Tesla, tire rotation should be smart and necessary. According to experts, since the vehicle uses all four tires simultaneously, it’s a brilliant idea if you consider changing all of them at once to improve Tesla’s balance, alignment, and wheel rotation.

Either way, if you can’t afford to have new tires, tire rotation is the best alternative to consider. It will save you a lot of money while at the same time improving the wheel balance and ensuring that the same tires last longer.

How Often Should Tesla’s Tire Rotation Happen?

There are many questions to ask about the issue of whether or not Tesla’s tire rotation is even necessary. There is also too much to discuss regarding the time frame that should elapse before jumping for tire rotation.

In the Tesla Owner’s manuals, it’s recommended that tire rotation should happen after 6,250 miles. However, many Teslas owners tend to go beyond the set average while others do tire rotation before hitting 6,250 miles.

As a standard rule, all vehicle varieties should go for tire rotation after hitting between 5,000 and 10,000 miles. Notably, suppose you realize that your vehicle has some issues while on the drive. In that case, it’s suggestive that you look for a qualified mechanic or visit Tesla Service center for proper evaluations.

For example, if your car has too much vibration at a 45mph or higher speed, it is likely to be in need of tire rotations. In addition, if your car has tires that tend to lose air pressure without obvious explanations, you need to have the mechanics check that out and consider going for tire rotation.

Is Tesla’s Tire Rotation Different For Other Vehicles?

The process of balancing the Tesla wheel through tire rotation differs slightly from the procedure in other standard vehicles.

. The reason is that Tesla’s tires wear out faster, and tire rotation is advisable after 6,250 miles.

Again, Teslas have slightly expensive tire brands. To avoid the overwhelming pressure that comes along when in a hurry to purchase the four tires at the same time, you need to have tire rotation to help you save something little in between.

When dealing with vehicle mechanics who have regularly serviced Teslas, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you come across a mechanic who has done a little with Teslas, you need to show them the instructions provided in the owner’s manual. Lifting and lowering of the Tesla should be done safely.

If the mechanic misses out on proper lifting, the result is a worse car shape that you will never like. Lift points in Teslas are marked. During tire rotation, such areas should be observed.

To avoid problems associated with mechanics who don’t understand Teslas, you need to drive your vehicle to Tesla Service centers for tire rotation. Be prepared to pay around $150.

Why Tire Rotation Is Important

Periodic Tesla tire rotation is paramount to optimize vehicle’s performance and extend the tires’ work-life. Different wheel positions tend to experience varied types of wear at unique rates. 

Front tires experience more friction and torque from accelerations, turning, and braking leading to easy wear. Routine tire rotation ensures that wear is evenly spread across the four tires.

With an even tread-wear, vehicle handling and performance will give a smooth ride. In addition, your safety is substantially increased. To ensure appropriate tire rotation, always go to a reputable care center or garage. 

When you take your car in for tire rotation, you should also have the tires inspected for other forms of damages, air pressure, tread depth and balance.

Checklist for Tire Rotation

Several factors determine the rotation pattern of your Tesla tires:

  • Is the car front-wheel, rear-wheel, all-wheel, or four-wheel drive?
  • Do the tires have a directional or non-directional tread pattern? For directional tires, the tread pattern is only designed to rotate in one way.
  • Do you have any spare tire, either a mini-spare or a full-size one that can be rotated as well?
  • Are the front and rear tires of the same size?

Tires are an important investment to have for your Tesla. Taking care of them pays off a lot.

Properly inflated tires serviced regularly and rotated appropriately enhance tread life, performance, and value.


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