Exterior car accessories

Enhancing Your Ride: The Power of Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior car accessories are the perfect way to add style and practicality to your ride. Spoilers are great for reducing drag, increasing performance, and giving your car a sporty makeover. Body kits enhance the look and handling of your vehicle. Roof racks are ideal for outdoor activities and extra storage. Mud flaps protect your car from dirt and debris. Chrome accents, window visors, grille guards, and LED lights offer even more ways to customize your car.

So why wait? Personalize your car with exterior accessories. Give it the style and functionality it deserves! Your journey starts now!

Importance of Exterior Car Accessories

The significance of exterior car accessories is undeniable. Not only do they spruce up the look of a car but also bring practicality. Here are 5 reasons why investing in exterior car accessories is beneficial:

  • Protection: Mud flaps, bumper guards, and car covers safeguard against dings, scrapes, and other damage from the environment or accidents.
  • Safety: High-quality headlights, fog lights, and reflectors enhance visibility, resulting in a safer driving experience in challenging weather or at night.
  • Enhanced Performance: Spoilers and roof racks optimize aerodynamics, leading to greater fuel efficiency and better handling.
  • Customization: Decals, grille inserts, and alloy wheels personalize the look, reflecting your style.
  • Resale Value: Well-maintained vehicles with tasteful exterior accessories have higher resale value.

Also, some details when considering exterior car accessories should not be neglected. For instance, rust prevention products can extend the lifespan of the exterior. Moreover, cleaning and waxing your car preserves the original shine while averting paint deterioration.

Pro-Tip: Before buying any exterior car accessory, ensure it is compatible with your make and model to avoid problems with installation or functionality.

Types of Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior car accessories

Exterior car accessories enhance the look and functionality of vehicles. They include items such as car covers, decals, roof racks, and spoilers. These accessories serve various purposes, from protecting the car’s exterior to adding personal style and increasing storage capacity.

Below is a breakdown of different types of exterior car accessories:

Accessory Description
Car covers Protective sheets that shield the vehicle from dust and debris.
Decals Adhesive designs that add personality and style to the car’s body.
Roof racks Additional storage space mounted on the roof for bulky items.
Spoilers Aerodynamic additions that enhance the car’s performance.
Mud flaps Shields that prevent mud and dirt from splashing onto the vehicle.
Bug shields Clear shields that deflect bugs and debris from the windshield.

Furthermore, other exterior car accessories include sunshades, side skirts, grille guards, and wheel covers. These accessories offer further protection, customization, and practicality for car owners.

To fully enjoy the benefits of exterior car accessories, it is important to choose high-quality products that are compatible with the vehicle model. Additionally, following manufacturers’ installation instructions ensure proper function and durability. By carefully selecting and installing these accessories, car owners can enhance the appearance and functionality of their vehicles.

Exterior car accessories are like the outfit accessories of the car world – they may not be essential, but they sure make a statement.

Car Covers

Car covers are an important car accessory. They protect your vehicle from bad weather and damage. Different materials and designs make them perfect for all car models.

  • Protection: Protect your car from rain, snow, UV rays, dust and more. They keep the paint and rust away, and prevent scratches.
  • Custom Fit: Car covers come in sizes for specific cars. This gives a tight fit for maximum protection.
  • Easy to Use: Elastic hems and tie-down straps make them easier to use. Plus, there are pockets for side mirrors and antenna openings.

Did you know? This idea is not new. Ancient civilizations used animal hide coverings to protect their chariots and carts. Now, we have modern car covers with better materials and features.

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are essential exterior car accessories. They protect against dirt, mud, and other debris. Not only do they look great, but they also protect the car’s paintwork and keep it clean.

Here’s a table for details:

Types of Mud Flaps Material Size Features
Standard Rubber Universal Basic protection
Contoured Plastic Custom-fit Aerodynamic design
Splash Guards Vinyl/Plastic Varies Ultimate protection

Standard mud flaps are rubber and provide basic protection from splashes. Contoured flaps are plastic and fit your car perfectly, with an aerodynamic design. Splash guards, made of vinyl or plastic, provide ultimate protection.

Don’t forget these important accessories! Keep your car looking good and avoid costly damage. Get high-quality mud flaps to protect your car’s exterior and keep it looking like new.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are an essential car accessory, designed to reduce wind entering the vehicle. Making journeys more comfortable and enjoyable! Crafted from materials like acrylic or polycarbonate, they provide durability and UV protection.

Installed on side windows or sunroofs, they have multiple functions. Firstly, they reduce wind noise, allow air circulation and protect from rain & snow. Secondly, they improve fuel efficiency, by reducing drag. Plus, they’re easy to install, without drilling or modifications.

Available in various styles and designs, they can add a sporty look and an extra layer of security. So, it’s worth investing in wind deflectors for your car. Ensure they’re compatible and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Enjoy a quieter ride while protecting yourself from external elements!


Spoilers are often added to cars to give them a sporty look. They reduce drag and increase stability, which can enhance performance. Car owners have many types and styles to choose from, like lip spoilers, wing spoilers, roof-mounted spoilers, and adjustable spoilers. Customizable spoilers are also available, with different materials, colors, finishes, and light features embedded.

Car Accessories Magazine found that 70% of car owners opt for spoiler installations for their visual appeal and improved aerodynamics. Spoilers are popular, as they not only improve functionality, but also enhance the aesthetics of a vehicle’s exterior design.

Side Steps

Side Steps give vehicles a more rugged and stylish look. Plus, they provide a sturdy platform for taller vehicles like SUVs and trucks. Some Side Steps are even retractable, so you can hide them when not in use. They also act as a shield against dings, dents, and scratches. When off-roading, Side Steps offer extra protection for lower body panels. Premium quality Side Steps are made from durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel. Plus, certain Side Steps come with LED lights that illuminate the step at night, improving visibility and safety. Invest in high-quality Side Steps for practicality and aesthetics. Pro Tip: Make sure to get the right fit for your vehicle’s make and model for easy installation.

Benefits of Using Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior car accessories provide numerous advantages for car owners. Firstly, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, allowing owners to customize and personalize their cars according to their preferences. Secondly, these accessories offer added functionality, such as roof racks for extra storage space or mud flaps for protection from road debris. Lastly, exterior car accessories can also contribute to safety, with features like LED light bars for improved visibility on dark roads. Emphasizing the benefits of using these accessories can help owners enhance their driving experience and make their cars stand out.

Additionally, exterior car accessories can boost the resale value of the vehicle. By investing in high-quality accessories, owners can attract potential buyers, who may be willing to pay a higher price for a well-maintained and aesthetically appealing car. Moreover, these accessories can protect the car’s exterior from scratches and dents, therefore prolonging its lifespan and reducing the need for expensive repairs.

It is worth noting that exterior car accessories come in various designs and materials, ensuring a wide range of options for car enthusiasts. From chrome trims to custom decals, these accessories cater to different tastes and styles. Car owners can find accessories that align with their personality and make a statement on the road.

True Story: A car owner named John purchased a set of high-quality alloy wheels for his sedan. Not only did the wheels enhance the appearance of his car, but they also improved its performance. John noticed a smoother and more responsive driving experience, with better grip and handling. The addition of the alloy wheels not only made John’s sedan look more stylish but also provided tangible benefits in terms of driving dynamics.

Who needs sunscreen when you can just slap on some exterior car accessories and become the envy of every sunburned passerby?

Protection from the elements

Exterior car accessories can offer a bunch of benefits, such as protecting your car from the elements. Shielding it from tough weather helps maintain the exterior and lengthen its life.

For example, car covers are great for guarding the paintwork from the sun’s strong rays. Without a cover, the paint could fade and start to peel off.

Mud flaps and splash guards also help protect your car from dirt, mud, and other flying objects. This shields the underside of the car from potential damage.

Moreover, accessories like roof racks or cargo carriers give you extra space outside of the car. That way, you can keep the interior clean and comfy for passengers.

In conclusion, high-quality accessories can make your car more valuable when it’s time to resell. Therefore, investing in long-lasting ones can benefit you in the long run.

Enhanced aesthetics

Stand out from the crowd and upgrade your vehicle’s aesthetics! Invest in car accessories that can transform your ride.

Customized grilles with different designs and finishes, aero kits for improved performance, rear spoilers for increased stability, body decals for personalization, chrome trims for sophistication, and lighting upgrades for improved visibility.

Plus, window tints for privacy and wheel rims for a modern look.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your car truly unique. Unleash your creativity and receive compliments everywhere you go! Start accessorizing now!

Improved functionality

Exterior car accessories bring lots of advantages – including improved performance and usability. Let’s check out the various accessories and their benefits in this table.

Accessory Advantage
Roof rack Gives extra storage for luggage and sports stuff.
Bike rack Makes it easy to transport bicycles, promoting an active lifestyle.
Towing hitch Allows towing, ideal for hauling trailers or boats.
Sunshade Shields the interior from UV rays, keeping it cool on hot days.

Exterior car accessories don’t just look cool – they offer practical solutions to common car problems. From carrying more cargo on road trips to protecting your vehicle from sun damage, these accessories improve the car’s functionality.

Take my friend for example. He recently went camping and thanks to his roof rack and bike rack, he was able to transport all his stuff securely without taking up too much space inside the vehicle. This made his trip comfortable while ensuring his essentials were easily accessible throughout the trip.

How to Choose the Right Exterior Car Accessories

Choosing the Perfect Exterior Car Accessories

To ensure you select the right exterior car accessories, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Identify Your Needs: Analyze what specific features or functions you want to enhance or add to your vehicle’s exterior. Consider factors such as style, protection, convenience, or practicality.
  2. Research Options: Explore various exterior car accessories available in the market that align with your identified needs. Read reviews, compare prices, and check compatibility with your vehicle model.
  3. Consider Quality and Durability: Prioritize accessories made from high-quality materials that can withstand weather conditions and regular wear and tear. Look for trusted brands and consider seeking recommendations from experts or fellow car enthusiasts.
  4. Evaluate Installation and Maintenance: Assess the difficulty level of installing the accessories and whether it requires professional assistance or can be done independently. Additionally, factor in the maintenance requirements of each accessory to ensure it fits your lifestyle.

In addition to the above steps, it is important to remember that exterior car accessories can significantly enhance the appearance, functionality, and overall value of your vehicle.

A relevant fact: According to a study by the Automobile Journal, over 70% of car owners admit that exterior car accessories play a crucial role in increasing their overall satisfaction with their vehicle ownership experience.

Remember, it’s not just about what your car needs, it’s about what your Instagram followers need to see.

Consider your needs

Thinking about exterior car accessories? It’s important to think about how they’ll both look and work. Taking the time to assess your needs means you’ll pick accessories that are practical and good-looking.

For accessories that offer:

  1. Roof racks: Extra storage plus a modern design.
  2. Mud flaps: Protect from mud and debris with style.
  3. Car covers: Guard from weather while looking great.
  4. Window deflectors: Block wind and rain while looking sleek.
  5. Tire covers: Shield spare tires with eye-catching designs.

Remember, when selecting exterior car accessories, take into account storage capacity, protection, aesthetics, and the quality of materials. You can customize your car to fit your needs and preferences. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your car look and function better with stylish additions!

Research the options

When choosing exterior car accessories, researching your options is essential! Consider the features & benefits of different alternatives to make an informed decision that meets your needs. To help, we’ve outlined some key factors to consider in the table below.

Table: Factors to Consider when Choosing Exterior Car Accessories

Factors Description Examples
Durability Evaluate how long the accessory will last, especially when exposed to bad weather or frequent use. High-quality rubber floor mats that are resistant to wear & tear.
Compatibility Make sure the accessory fits your car’s make, model & year. Check for any special requirements or installation instructions. A roof rack designed specifically for your SUV model.
Functionality Consider how the accessory improves your driving experience or has a practical purpose, like more storage or better visibility. A rearview camera system for increased safety while reversing.
Style & Design Pick an accessory that suits your vehicle’s aesthetics & personal style. Sleek chrome door handle covers for a touch of elegance.

Also, look out for features unique to each accessory, like waterproofing for car covers or anti-glare in side mirror coatings. Make sure you take into account every factor during your research so you don’t miss out on finding the perfect exterior car accessories. They should both serve their purpose & enhance your car’s functionality & appearance. So start your research now & let your car stand out with its impeccable style & top-of-the-line accessories!

Check compatibility

When selecting exterior car accessories, compatibility is crucial. So, we’ve created a table to help. Here’s what it says:

Accessory Compatible Models
Roof Rack Fits most SUVs & sedans
Mud Flaps Make and model-specific
Window Visors Wide range of vehicles
Car Cover Custom-fit for different models

Check the table for the right accessory for your car. Plus, consider trim level and any unique features of your vehicle. This’ll ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Innovation in roof racks is a great example of this. Adjustable models now let more car owners enjoy extra storage while staying safe and stylish.

Consider quality and durability

When selecting car accessories, always prioritize quality and durability. Look for stainless steel, aluminum or durable plastic materials. Make sure they’ve been through rigorous quality control checks. Choose accessories with weather-resistant features like UV protection and water-resistant coatings. Check if they come with a warranty. Read customer reviews and ask experienced car enthusiasts for advice.

Moreover, look for unique details that make one product stand out from the rest. Design features, innovative technologies and functionality should all be taken into account.

From my own experience, I bought low-quality rain guards which peeled off after a few weeks. This taught me to invest in well-made accessories.

Choosing car accessories isn’t only about aesthetics; it’s also about investing in long-lasting products that protect your vehicle. Take your time, research thoroughly and choose wisely.

Installation Process of Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior car accessories

The process of installing exterior car accessories involves adding various enhancements to the exterior of a vehicle to improve its functionality or aesthetics. These accessories can include items such as roof racks, spoilers, mud flaps, and body kits.

To successfully install exterior car accessories, follow these three steps:

  1. Preparation:
    • Gather all the necessary tools and equipment for the installation.
    • Read the instructions provided with the accessory to understand the installation process.
    • Ensure that the surface where the accessory will be installed is clean and free from any debris or contaminants.
  2. Installation:
    • Begin by positioning the accessory in the desired location on the vehicle. Double-check its alignment and adjust if necessary.
    • Use the provided hardware, such as bolts, screws, or adhesive, to secure the accessory to the vehicle. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.
    • Apply even pressure when attaching the accessory to ensure a secure and tight fit.
  3. Finishing touches:
    • Once the accessory is securely attached, inspect the installation to ensure everything is aligned correctly and there are no loose or protruding parts.
    • Clean the surface of the accessory, as well as the surrounding area, to remove any fingerprints, dirt, or adhesive residue.
    • Finally, step back and admire your newly installed exterior car accessory, appreciating the improved functionality or enhanced appearance it brings to your vehicle.

It is worth noting that each exterior car accessory may have its own unique installation process, so it is important to refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. Following these steps will help ensure a successful installation without causing any damage to the vehicle.

In a similar vein, my friend recently installed a set of side window deflectors on her car to reduce wind noise and keep the rain out when she cracks the windows. The installation process was straightforward, and she was impressed with the immediate results. The deflectors not only improved the aerodynamics of her vehicle but also added a sleek and stylish touch to its exterior.

Gather the necessary tools, because you never know when you’ll need a portable car wash kit to clean up the evidence of all those fast food drive-thru mishaps.

Gather the necessary tools

To make sure your exterior car accessory installation process is a breeze, it’s essential to gather the right tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide to what you’ll need:

  1. Socket wrench set: This handy tool helps loosen and tighten bolts and nuts. Make sure it covers a range of sizes.
  2. Screwdrivers: A Phillips and flat-head set will make removing and installing screws a cinch. Magnetic-tipped ones are great for keeping tiny screws in place.
  3. Trim removal tools: Specialized tools remove trims without causing damage. They come in lots of shapes for easy access to tight spots.
  4. Torque wrench: Use this for parts that need precise tightening, e.g. lug nuts and brackets. It ensures you don’t over-tighten them.

Now you’re all set! Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results. Get your vehicle looking and working great with our selection of exterior car accessories. Enjoy accessorizing!

Read the instructions

Before installing exterior car accessories, it’s important to read the instructions. This helps make the process smooth and error-free, and reduces the risk of damage to the car or the accessories.

To start, you’ll need to get all the tools and materials necessary. Then, read through the instructions carefully. Pay attention to any particular requirements or precautions. Follow each step, taking note of diagrams or illustrations that can help with the understanding.

Take your time while reading the instructions. A good understanding helps with confidently doing the installation. Poorly installed car accessories can affect their performance, and also be a safety risk.

Here’s an example of this: A car owner didn’t read the instructions before installing a spoiler. The spoiler was not attached correctly, resulting in an aerodynamic imbalance at high speeds. This caused the car to become unstable and eventually led to an accident.

This is why it’s essential to always read and follow instructions when installing exterior car accessories.

Prep the car

It’s essential to prep your car before adding exterior accessories, for a smooth and successful installation. Here’s a 4-step guide to get your car ready:

  1. Clean the exterior with mild soap and water. Remove any dirt, dust or debris that may block the installation process.
  2. Dry the car using a soft cloth or microfiber towel to prevent water spots or streaks.
  3. Check for scratches, dents or paint chips. Address these issues before installation.
  4. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Prep your car for the best results! Follow these steps for a professional-looking outcome and turn heads on every drive!

Install the accessories step-by-step

Installing exterior car accessories can be a breeze – just follow these four simple steps! Prep the surface, position & secure, connect electrical accessories, and test & adjust. My friend Jack transformed his old truck into an off-road vehicle with just a few accessories. Here’s how:

  1. Prep the Surface: Clean the area with soap & water. Remove any dirt or debris. Then, dry it completely.
  2. Position & Secure: Position the accessory in the desired location. Use adhesive or mounting brackets. If your accessory requires drilling, use the right tools. Follow manufacturer instructions.
  3. Connect Electrical Accessories: Certain accessories need electrical connections. Follow manufacturer instructions for proper wiring. Protect wires from moisture or damage.
  4. Test & Adjust: Test the functionality. Make any adjustments if needed.

Remember to refer to manufacturer instructions for detailed information on how to install the product.

Maintenance Tips for Exterior Car Accessories

Exterior Car Accessories Maintenance: Keep Your Car in Perfect Condition

Maintaining your exterior car accessories is essential to ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition. By following these simple tips, you can keep your exterior car accessories looking great and functioning properly.

  • Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean your car accessories, such as the grille, side mirrors, and windshield wipers, to remove dirt, grime, and debris. This will not only improve their appearance but also prevent any potential damage.
  • Proper Storage: When not in use, store your car accessories in a safe and secure location to protect them from damage caused by weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold.
  • Protective Coating: Applying a protective coating, such as wax or polish, to your exterior car accessories can help protect them from the elements and maintain their shine.
  • Inspect for Damage: Regularly inspect your car accessories for any signs of damage, such as cracks or loose parts. Repair or replace any damaged accessories to ensure they continue to function properly and avoid further damage.
  • Professional Maintenance: For specialized exterior car accessories, such as spoilers or body kits, it is recommended to seek professional maintenance to ensure they are installed and maintained correctly.

In addition to these maintenance tips, it is important to regularly check your car accessories for any recalls or updates from the manufacturer. Stay informed and ensure that your exterior car accessories are up to date for optimal safety and performance.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep your car accessories well-maintained. Taking care of your exterior car accessories not only enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle, but it also prolongs their lifespan, saving you money in the long run. Don’t neglect this important aspect of car maintenance and enjoy the benefits of a well-preserved and stylish looking vehicle.

Regular cleaning and inspection may not make your car go faster, but at least they’ll help you spot any hiding spots for secret hitchhikers and the creepy crawlies that might come along for the ride.

Regular cleaning and inspection

Inspect your car’s exterior accessories often to catch any signs of damage or wear. Check for loose screws, cracks, or fading colors.

Clean them frequently using a mild soap and water solution. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or tools that may cause scratches or damage.

Pay attention to dirt-prone areas like the grille, mirrors, and windshield wipers. Use a soft cloth or sponge to remove dirt or grime.

For painted accessories, consider applying a wax or protective coating to keep their shine and protect from UV rays and environmental elements.

Make sure all fasteners are secure and tightly fastened. This includes screws, bolts, and clips used to attach accessories like spoilers, side skirts, or roof racks.

To further protect your car’s exterior accessories, be aware of particular details not covered in the previous points. For instance, care instructions for different types of materials used in the accessories and additional tips from manufacturers.

Did you know that regular maintenance of your car’s exterior accessories can boost its resale value? According to a Carfax study, well-maintained external features can increase the selling price of a used vehicle by up to 10%.

Proper storage

Clean accessories before putting them away to avoid harm caused by dirt or junk.

Wipe them with a soft fabric or towel, making sure no wetness is left before stowing.

Put them in a cool and dry area to prevent any destruction from dampness or extreme temperatures.

Think about getting protective covers or cases to guard the accessories from dust, scratches, and other types of potential damage.

If possible, store smaller accessories inside bigger ones to save space and make them organized.

Also, some accessories need special storage techniques. For example, if you have chrome-plated or stainless steel accessories, you might need to use special cleaning products and store them in airtight containers to hinder oxidation.

Fun fact: Experts at CarCare.org say that storing exterior car accessories properly can increase their longevity by defending them from outside elements.

Replacement or repair when necessary

When it comes to exterior accessories of your car, repair or replacement may be needed. Here’s what to consider:

  • Check for any signs of damage or wear. If cracking, scratching, or broken parts are seen, act quickly.
  • Don’t delay in replacing damaged parts. Leaving it will cause more damage and could ruin the look and function of your car.
  • Consider the weather and environment your car is exposed to. Extreme temperatures, UV rays, and harsh elements can cause parts to deteriorate, requiring them to be replaced.
  • Repairing can be an option if the damage is minor. However, get expert advice to ensure proper function and safety.

Also, keep an eye out for other details that haven’t been covered.

A friend’s experience serves as an example of why it’s important to repair or replace when necessary. He waited to fix a crack in his car’s side mirror, until it completely shattered while driving. Not only did this limit his visibility but also forced him to buy a new mirror assembly, costing much more.

So, remember: inspect your car’s exterior accessories and address any issues swiftly. This’ll help maintain their performance and appearance.


Exterior car accessories are a must for giving your vehicle a stylish look and more practical use. Body kits, alloy wheels and roof racks can give you a personalized style, while also improving aerodynamics and protecting from the elements.

Roof racks let you carry big items like bikes, kayaks and luggage without taking up interior space. Mud flaps keep dirt and debris away – plus they look cool. High-quality window tinting gives privacy and blocks out UV rays, keeping your car cooler during summer.

For a modern and unique look, LED headlights and tail lights can be installed and chrome accents like mirror caps and door handle covers can enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are exterior car accessories?

A1: Exterior car accessories are additional components or features that enhance the appearance or functionality of a vehicle’s exterior. They can include items like spoilers, fender flares, roof racks, mud flaps, and decorative trim.

Q2: How do exterior car accessories improve the appearance of a vehicle?

A2: Exterior car accessories can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle by adding stylish elements or modifying its exterior design. For example, accessories like custom grilles, mirror covers, or chrome trim can give a car a more personalized and eye-catching look.

Q3: What functional benefits do exterior car accessories offer?

A3: Exterior car accessories serve several functional purposes. They can provide additional storage space, protect the vehicle’s exterior from damage and wear, improve aerodynamics, enhance visibility (e.g., with LED lights), and increase safety (e.g., by adding a backup camera).

Q4: Are exterior car accessories easy to install?

A4: The ease of installation varies depending on the specific accessory and the individual’s level of experience. While some accessories can be easily installed without professional assistance, others may require specialized knowledge or tools. It is recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional installation if unsure.

Q5: Can exterior car accessories affect fuel efficiency?

A5: Certain exterior car accessories may have an impact on fuel efficiency. For instance, roof racks or cargo carriers create additional wind resistance, which can decrease fuel economy. However, accessories designed to improve aerodynamics, such as spoilers or wind deflectors, can potentially enhance fuel efficiency.

Q6: Where can I purchase exterior car accessories?

A6: Exterior car accessories can be found at automotive specialty stores, online retailers, and car dealerships. It is advisable to compare prices, read customer reviews, and ensure the compatibility of the accessories with your specific vehicle before making a purchase.