Driving SUV with Open Hatch

Driving SUV with Open Hatch: Considerations and Tips

Driving SUV with Open Hatch, Have you ever been left in a dilemma about whether to drive with an open hatch or not? That is mostly the case after buying something too huge to fit in your vehicle’s cargo space. Well, you’re not alone. Many people typically drive trucks, cars or SUVs with the hatch open. The practice might be illegal or not depending on the type of vehicle, the state laws and whether you have a cargo space at the vehicle’s back.

There are no specific legal requirements in most countries stating that you should only drive the SUV when the hatch is closed. However, for your safety and other road users, you should ensure that the hatch is secured if you drive the vehicle while it’s open. It should not flip to open easily while the vehicle is in motion. To keep the slightly open hatch of your SUV in a fixed position, you can use simple robes, ratchet straps or bungee cords.

Now, let’s give a quick answer to the question, “Can I drive my SUV with the hatch open?”  Yes, you can do it, but remember that there are many things you need to consider when driving an SUV with an open. hatch

What is Hatch?

Driving SUV with Open Hatch

Hatch found in Sport Utility Vehicles is an equivalent to the tailgate that is usually fitted in trucks. Instead of designing a door down-folded from the vehicle’s back, an alternative opens outwards. It makes opening and closure easier, especially when adding or removing the huge cargo.

The SUV’s hatch is located at the rear end, and it’s meant to offer better access to the truck cabin as you pack for a trip. The space that can be accessed from the hatch is quite limited. Therefore some situations might require that you leave the hatch a bit open to allow for enough room.

In most cases the hatch opens upwards; hence you can lift it using the already fitted mechanisms. The vehicles in the current modern world are equipped with automatic sensors, and you can open the hatch without using your hands.

Disadvantages of Driving Your SUV with an Open Hatch

  • Damage of Goods

Driving with an open hatch increases the risk of something falling out and breaking. You may have worked hard to secure the hatch, but leaving it open will allow other horrible things to happen.

When you hit a big bump or a steep incline, baggage can tumble out and get damaged. Dropping objects from your car harms them and endangers other drivers and passengers.

  • Exposure to Bad Weather

If you’re allergic to cold, you need to ensure that the weather is favorable for you to embark on a journey that will leave the hatch open. Wind, rain and snow make a very disappointing trip since you will be directly exposed to the allergens.

Exposure to bad weather elements is also something to think widely about if you’re planning for long and multi-day trips. As you encounter bad weather, the trip will be less enjoyable, more protracted and full of negative impacts on your health.

  • Reduced Security Guarantee

The security of the items on transit should always have a top-notch priority. When the security is minimal, they might not reach the intended destination. Should you drive into a public parking area for an overnight stay, it means that your vehicle has easy access from the open hatch. 

It’s not wise to presume the worst of others, but leaving your car unattended is. You may return to discover everything stolen or wrecked and the vehicle driven away by unknown people.

Security problems make open-hatch-driving the worst thing for multi-day trips. It’s better to have an enclosed trailer that you can store your goods safely for the entire journey, even if it means doing so at an additional cost.

Advantages of Driving your SUV with an open hatch

  • Cost reduction

When the hatch is open, you’ve decided not to rent a vehicle or trailer to transport the stuff. The biggest benefit is carrying things for pricey automobiles. Finally, you will spend less than expected.

  • Convenience

If you rent a larger vehicle from a friend or firm to transport the stuff, you’ll have to drive something unfamiliar. This is nerve-wracking for some. It also takes time to pick up, use, and return the rental car.

What You Need To Keep In Mind When Driving an SUV with Open Hatch

Driving SUV with Open Hatch

If you drive an SUV with an open hatch, take precautions. First, secure the hatch even if it’s half open. The worst thing that can happen is the hatch whipping open at high speed.

Second, if you’re driving an open hatch, avoid high-speed roads. Safer back and side routes take longer to get home. If your car escapes, it could hurt more people on the highway, where many drivers speed.

Your SUV can have an open hatch, but drive safely. Follow the advice in this post and you’ll appreciate arriving at your destination with your items undamaged.

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