Cars Come With Jumper Cables

Do Cars Come With Jumper Cables?


 Cars Come With Jumper Cables, Perhaps you don’t think of jumper cables quite often, but you’ll be glad to have them when your vehicle’s battery is low unexpectedly.  Jumper cables are also essential when you intend to help a colleague driver stuck on the roads because their battery cannot start car ignition.

In real life, jumper cables are crucial car equipment that you should have inside your car on every trip. Unfortunately, new cars don’t come with jumper cables! Therefore, you’re judged with the burden of looking for your jumper cable to help you supply the necessary electrical charge when your battery is flat. 

You never know the moment when your car battery will disappoint you.  To be on the safer side and always prepared for anything, buy Jumper Cable for your car separately.

The Common Reasons for Battery Failure

  • Hot temperatures

 Cars Come With Jumper Cables, Heat is the commonest cause of battery failure. High temperatures typically accelerate the positive plate grid corrosion.  As the hot temperatures corrode the positive grid, the battery loses power and its critical capabilities, making it weak to start an engine, especially for colder temperatures.

  • Excessive vehicle Vibrations

 Cars Come With Jumper Cables, The Internal components of your car can be damaged and even separated by the over-pronounced shaky motions. The vibrations result in poor starting performance due to mere disconnection or even battery failure.

  • Deep Drains or Failed Recharge Due To Voltage Drops

When your car battery is discharged, you’ll find that the active materials inside the plate produce lead sulfate crystals. The crystals are also known as discharged materials. They can combine and pile up to form large crystals if the battery isn’t recharged. With time the lead sulfate crystals become more difficult to dissolve, making it hard for the battery to recharge. That happens because of eventual disruption of the plates resulting in battery failure.

  • Malfunctioning Alternator

A faulty alternator is associated with either an undercharged or completely discharged battery. The capacity and power of the undercharged battery are significantly reduced. Malfunctioning alternator predisposes the battery to discharging and led sulfate crystals accumulation if the battery is continuously undercharged.

Other possible causes of battery failure include;

  • The battery isn’t being utilized for the purpose it was meant.  For example, using a starting-Lighting-Ignition battery in a vehicle that needs a deep-cycle battery
  • The battery isn’t the right size for the car.
  • The car has an excessive number of electrical accessories.
  • The battery plates aren’t placed correctly.
  • The battery cables haven’t been cleaned or adjusted to suit the terminals.
  • The electrical system of the car is fixed or changed.
  • The automobile has been in hibernation for a long time.

What To Do If You Don’t have Jumper Cable

If your vehicle battery dies or it’s completely depleted, and you don’t have jumper wires, you have at least five choices to help you start your car once again.

Borrow the Jumper Cable

Do you have a friend who has an extra pair of jumper cables? Ask them to help you with a rarely used variety which is in good working condition. For most people, this is the simplest and cheapest option.

Use an External Automobile Battery Charger to Charge Your Battery

You may use an external charger to charge the battery in your automobile. The time spent in the process might take you between 6 and 8 hours. Make sure you’ve chosen the correct charger setting for your battery type. Also, use a battery with a current rating of 10A or less. On the other hand, using a lower current takes longer but extends the life of your battery.

Use Power Back or the Jump-Starting Box

The two devices are portable lithium batteries that can deliver 1000A or more. They are so powerful that they can start an 8-liter gasoline engine a number of times only with a single charge.

Invest In A New Battery

If your battery has failed and there is nothing you can do about it, then you can opt to buy a new one. While purchasing, ensure that the selected variety is the type and size your car’s manufacturer recommends.

Use a Towing Truck

Using a tow truck is the most expensive alternative. In this case, you’ve to hire a towing truck to transport your vehicle to a shop for battery inspection and servicing.

It’s recommended that you keep two sets of jumper cables in your car at all times. One can be stored in the selected garage and the other inside the vehicle; things get better if you invest in a jump-starting box or a portable power pack.

Where to Find Jumper Cable

Jumper cables aren’t included in every automobile. Always confirm with your vehicle dealer to see if they are included and, if not, know how they can be added.  In addition, you need to consult them to advise you on the type of jumper cable that is safe and effective for your car model.

Usually, jumper wires are kept inside the trunk. Depending on the type of your automobile, you need to check the side pockets in the trunk, which are difficult to remove when unloading.

How to Know the Best Jumper cable For Your Car

You’ll need a decent pair of jumper wires you can rely on. They should have robust clamps to ensure that battery terminals are tightly connected to the automobile body. Copper-clad aluminum or copper can be used.  Choose the Jumper cables with 4-gauge wire and are at least 12 feet long, preferably 20 feet (2-gauge) or 25 feet 2-gauge or 1 gauge.

Jumper cables that are longer are far more convenient to use. Ensure that they are manufactured from the appropriate wire gauge – the longer jumper cables should be built from thicker cable.


New automobiles don’t come with cables. You may either request that the auto dealer include such extras or make a suggestion for a good pair of dependable jumper cables that you can buy.

A portable jump starting box or power pack, in addition to jumper cables, should be considered. With the double combination, you have an all-in-one battery. The jumper wires will help you start your car multiple times without signaling for another car to come with its battery that is a good working status.

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