Tractor Problem

Common Kubota B3350 Tractor Problems and Solutions

Tractor Problem

Long-time agriculturists know you need to invest in the best equipment to get the job done. Kubota B3350 Tractor Problems are among the best the agriculture industry offers, boasting a 38 HP diesel engine for powerful performance, robust design for working on tough terrains, and top-notch emission-control technology to keep the air clean. But it’s worth knowing about the problems users have with these machines before investing your money into one.

Kubota B3350 Tractor Common Problems

Problems with Regeneration

Some owners of the B3350 Kubota are experiencing Tractor Problems regeneration. Users have noted that the Kubota will run for a few hours and then suddenly stop running. Most often, this was caused by an issue with the DPF or regeneration system.

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) reduces emissions. A diesel particulate filter will trap particulates in the air, but it may get clogged with particles. When this happens, you need to regenerate the filter for it to work correctly again. Here is a brief description of two types of regeneration that will help us better understand the regeneration problem and solutions.

Active Regeneration

When driving short distances, active regeneration occurs. Blockages can result from this. That blockage can be cleared after driving at 40 mph for another 15 minutes. The post-combustion fuel injection helps the car switch to high exhaust temperatures when it reaches a certain amount of soot. You will see a DPF warning light on your dashboard just before the active regeneration has finished burning all the soot.

Passive Regeneration

By burning off the soot on the filter by itself, the DPF undergoes a passive regeneration. After you reach your destination, the regeneration process stops.

Why Kubota B3350s cannot regenerate

  • Repeated Short-distance Driving

The Kubota B3350 is a powerful tractor with an excellent engine. Unfortunately, the Kubota B3350 develops regeneration problems from repeated short-distance driving. In other words, you get to your destination before the active regeneration processes are complete since the distance is too short. Therefore, the regeneration process is aborted midway through. The B3350’s engine will ‘regenerate’ itself every time it is used, but there will be a regeneration problem if the DPF does not regenerate fully.

Engine component failure

Multiple sensors on Kubota B3350 engines work on specified parameters and conditions, such as the DPF regeneration process. When an emission sensor fails, a regeneration problem can occur. Besides not regenerating continuously, the engine management may also fail to illuminate.

 Note: The engine management light will not illuminate when the engine is cold. The oil needs to reach an operating temperature to enable the DPF sensor to operate correctly.

Not Responding to the Regeneration Problem Alert

The DPF filter will completely block if the regeneration Tractor Problems alert on the dashboard is ignored. The vehicle will, therefore, cannot force regeneration at this stage.

 How to Resolve Regeneration Problems 

  • DPF Delete Kit

The engine cannot automatically regenerate if you continuously drive with an aborted regeneration. A special software package known as the DPF delete kit, which is available at your local mechanic, can ‌force the engine to regenerate.

  •  DPF Cleaning Addictive

When soot gets stuck in the DPF, cleaning fluids can assist, mainly if the DPF cleaning process cannot reach high enough temperatures to burn the soot. If you want to resolve the issue, you must drive for at least 15 minutes after applying the DPF cleaning addictive.

  • Filling Up The Oil

Regeneration complications may occur if fuel capacity is less than 1/4 of tank capacity. It is essential to check the oil level first and fill it if necessary because most vehicles will not regenerate if the oil is below the ¼ mark.

Engine Problems

Spark plugs are the common cause of engine problems. You can only repair a damaged spark plug by replacing it. Fouling or dirt causes the problem.

Also, an engine of the Kubota B3360 is used in a zero-turn operation with the emissions equipment and the ECM. In the winter months, you may face issues since this is more suitable for the warmer months.

Damaged or clogged carburetors can also negatively affect an engine’s performance, but even worse, they may prevent the machine from moving. You need to unclog a clogged carburetor, otherwise, it will need repair.

Blunt blades

The blades on the tractor are susceptible to getting blunt. Kubota recommends sharpening tractor blades twice a year or four times if you use them frequently.

Software Problems

The original software of Kubota B3350 had some bugs, but the new version has fixed most of them. You cannot remove DPF from the tractor because of the faulty software since it will render the tractor useless. The problem exists because the engine ECU isn’t correctly updated with that software. You need to be updated the tractor with a software update when the DPF and sensors are removed.

 Oil tanks and large body

You can use the tractor in several ways, but it is not suitable if you have lesscres of land. However, if you have an attached mower, you can clean snow during winter with the tractor.

Tall people are likely to get cramps using the panel as it is designed for people of average height but not enough for those over 6 feet tall.  

In addition, the oil container for the tractor is usually behind the tractor, which makes it difficult to reach sometimes, resulting in a scant amount of oil being used to fight regeneration.

Tractor Problem

Electrical Problems

Tractors commonly encounter electrical problems caused by faulty batteries. Like any other vehicle, a tractor’s battery will drain if it remains idle for more than a week.

A problem in the electricity system may also result from rusted terminals or wrongly connected cables. Therefore, it is important to inspect and clean them regularly.

One of their most popular and high-performing tractors is the Kubota B3350. Many Kubota enthusiasts have said that these vehicles are well made, look good, and offer lots of power. However, you may encounter some common problems with Kubota tractors. To help you avoid them, use the suggestions above.

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