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MG is a UK automotive brand recognized and loved worldwide. Initially, it was registered by the MG Car. For many years, MG has produced iconic sports cars popular both at home and abroad, particularly, in the US. MG has been through good and bad times, but it has always created legendary MG models, such as the MGB. The brand is also known for breaking records at different arenas, for instance, the UK Touring Car Championship.

MG History

The rich MG history began in 1924 when the brand MG was registered by Cecil Kimber after Morris Garages, which owner was William Morris until in 1935 it sold the company to Morris Motors Ltd. The original MGs were created by combining Morris Cowley chassis with tourer bodies. The MG 14/28 model was the very first real MG that was introduced to the public in 1924.
In the beginning, the cars were produced in Oxford and then in Abingdon where cars were made from 1929 to 1980.

The Austin Motor Company Ltd. and MG merged in 1952. Thanks to the wise management of John Thornley, a general manager, the company experienced its best years. BMC purchased Jaguar Cars in 1966. In the same year, it was renamed BMH. In 1968, it joined Leyland Motor Corporation to create BLMC (known as BL since 1975).

MG joined the Austin Morris and became one of its divisions. Although the MG division was profitable, all profits were used to cover the huge loses of the other divisions of Austin Morris, which did not leave much money for MG to develop. The Abingdon plant was closed in 1980, which ended the production of the extremely popular two-seater sports cars. The MGB was the last car produced there. The MG brand was abandoned for some time.

In 1982, the brand was revived by building MG Metro, MG Montego, and MG Maestro. Although these models were sportier than their counterparts, they were not really true MGs cars.

In 1986, BL turned into the Rover Group. The brand’s ownership was purchased by British Aerospace two year later. The situation changed again in 1994 when BMW bought it.

In 1993, the MG brand was revived by the launching of the MG RV8. In 1995, the MGF, one of the most popular MG cars, was introduced to the public. From the early 2000s to 2005, the company’s belonged to MG Rover Group, and then was purchased by the Nanjing Automobile Group, a Chinese manufacturer, along with the MG brand for £53 million. As a result of this agreement, NAC MG UK was created, which later was renamed MG Motor. Later, Nanjing Automobile merged with SAIC, and two years later, production of cars started in China. In 2011, the MG 6, the new MG model, was introduced. Today, MG cars are available in different countries all over the world, including Chile, China, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Costa Rica, South Africa, and the UK.

The new MG 3 hit the UK market in 2013. One year later, the company was announced one of the best manufacturers of the year. Today, it is one of the most popular auto brands experiencing steady growth. Thanks to the MG 3 model, the company sales increased in more than 3 three times, and this is only the beginning.

Interesting Facts

The following are some of the most interesting MG facts that you might want to know:

• In all in, the MG cars set around 40 different world speed records;
• MG company has been the winner in 3 British Touring Car Championships;
• Before William Morris constructed his first auto, he sold passenger cars and bicycles in Oxford;
• “Safety Fast” is the MG slogan;
• The MG brand was not used only during World War II;
• 90th birthday of the MG brand was celebrated in 2014;
• One of the MG owners was The Prince of Wales whose first car MGC GT was bought in 1968.

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