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Mercedes Benz is widely regarded as one of the top producers of fine luxury cars in the world. And when it comes to roots, you can’t possibly dig much deeper than this fine automaker – Mercedes Benz history can be traced back to what is widely regarded as the first car ever produced.

Company History

From the very first automobile built and patented by Karl Benz in 1886 Mercedes Benz has been a leader and innovator in the world of automotives. Benz created his Benz Patent Motorwagon in January of 1886 and the Mercedes began marketing cars fifteen years later in 1901. The Mercedes Bens brand officially took shape and began selling cars under the brand as it is known today in 1926.

Mercedes Benz is one of the oldest and one of the most respected car manufacturers in the world and the brand is responsible for some of the biggest innovations in the industry. Mercedes Benz is responsible for introducing cars with brakes on all four wheels, for introducing airbags and for introducing anti-locking breaks. Mercedes engineers are also responsible for introducing traction control systems designed to work during both breaking and acceleration.

Mercedes Benz is also responsible for what many consider to be the biggest innovation to date in terms of safety. In 1951 the automaker introduced the “safety cell” construction with crumple zones designed to keep drivers and passengers as safe as possible in the event of impact during an accident. Mercedes Benz is not just an innovator when it comes to safety either – the brand is consistently rated highly when it comes to driver and passenger safety.

Mercedes Benz is still headquartered in Germany but their cars are produced in 26 different countries worldwide.

Flagship Model

Mercedes Benz current flagship model is the S-Class full size luxury sedan. The S-Class has officially been in production for well over four decades (with its predecessor dating back to 1954) and it has been an exceptionally popular model for Mercedes Benz since the beginning.

The S-Class has consistently been at the top of the heap of full size luxury cars for years. This car is comfortable, stylish, durable and most certainly ahead of its time. The latest incarnation of the S-Class features a super sleek lines, LED lights inside and out and built in cameras that identify upcoming road conditions to prepare the car’s suspension to ensure the most comfortable ride possible.

The S-Class also features a powerful engine and a host of innovative safety features designed to help drivers avoid accidents or to prevent injuries in accidents that are unavoidable. The high tech active and passive safety features in this vehicle make it one of the top ranked vehicles in terms of driver and passenger safety.

Current Models

Mercedes Benz receives most of its accolades and awards for its luxury sedans but this German automaker knows more than traditional luxury cars. There are currently 20 different models in Mercedes Benz lineup ranging from SUVs and MPVs to coupes and sedans and even hatchbacks, vans and limousines.

Mercedes B-Class, R-Class and Viano are outstanding multi-purpose vehicles; the G-Class, GL-Class, GLA-Class, GLB-Class, GLK-Class and M-Class are all standout SUVs and there are a series of Coupes, midsize and luxury sedans that all have excellent followings in Germany, across Europe and in the US.

Previous Models

With all of the innovative ideas launched by Mercedes Benz it should probably come as no surprise that the manufacturer has produced a fairly long list of significant cars. In 1928 the company introduced the SSK, a world class race car, in 1936 Mercedes Benz released the first ever diesel powered car to the public with the 260 D and two short years later in 1938 Mercedes developed the W195 which beat the previous world speed record. In 1939 Mercedes took a bit of a different direction by producing the 320A, a vehicle specifically designed for military use and then threw another curveball in 1968 with the W114, their take on a compact car.

In 2010 Mercedes Benz released the SLS AMG, an outstanding supercar with gull wing doors and a body built for performance. In contrast Mercedes is also responsible for the Unimog, a huge, boxy all purpose vehicle and the Zetros, a vehicle designed for plowing snow.

Interesting Facts

Mercedes Benz is synonymous with automobile excellence, but few people realize that the brand also once served as the place of employment for another automotive icon. In 1923 Ferdinand Porsche, founder of Porsche, worked for Mercedes Benz as an automotive engineer.

Mercedes Benz also dabbles in other types of conveyance – in addition to being a top producer of the highest quality cars and motor vehicles, the company is also involved in producing bikes, Mercedes Benz has a line of bikes that feature a folding bike, an ultra light carbon frame bike and a trail bike.

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