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MAN Trucks & Bus

MAN Truck & Bus AG, a subsidiary of the MAN SE corporation, is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Europe. In fact, they are one of the leading international providers of trucks, buses, and coaches. The company also manufactures diesel and natural-gas engines. They are based out of Munich, Germany and were founded in 1967.

Company History

Though MAN SE, MAN Truck & Buses parent company, was founded as early as 1758, the company didn’t begin to produce commercial vehicles until 1967. From this year until 1977, they collaborated with the French company Saviem to design, build, and sell light and medium duty trucks with MAN badging in Germany and select other markets.

At the end of 1970, MAN struck a deal with Volkswagen that lasted until 1993. They started to produce a truck using the Volkswagen LT body in 1979. They used this same body until 1993 and produced over 72,000 units in total.

This first MAN truck was available in four engine types and four wheelbases during its lifetime. A 4×4 version was also available. The series of trucks is most commonly known as the G-Series with the most common model being the G90. However, the entire series of trucks is sometimes referred to as the G90.

In the 1990s, MAN replaced their popular G Series with the new L2000 and M2000 lines of trucks. These models were marketed in Germany, Spain, and select other countries in Europe.

To this day, MAN Trucks & Buses produces an extensive range of commercial trucks, buses, military vehicle, and more.

Flagship Model

Though MAN doesn’t have an official flagship model, their G-Series trucks are their bestselling, longest lasting, and most marketed product line.

The G-Series models offer a wide range of options for operators to choose from. They are designed both for long haul and short haul trucking. They can carry also be used in a variety of construction applications.

Every model in the G series has a G cab. There are currently five cab variants offered. Three are sleepers, one is a day cab, and one is a short cab. In addition to choice of cab, each model is available as a tractor or rigid. Customers are also given the choice of axle configuration, chassis height, and suspension type.

Current and Previous Models

Over the course of their history, MAN Trucks & Buses has produced an astonishingly wide variety of trucks, buses, and military vehicles. Though many of these are still manufactured today, certain models have been discontinued.

Trucks and Military Vehicles: The models of trucks that MAN has produced include the LE Series L2000, FE Series F2000, TGL Series, TGM Series, TGA Series, TGX/S Series, and ERF. The military vehicles that MAN has produced include the LX and FX ranges of tactical trucks, the HX, the SX, and the Command. Finally, MAN has produced two varieties of foam fire tender vehicles, the Hazmat and the Angloco.

Buses: MAN has manufactured transit, school, and tour buses during its history. Its line of bus models include the Lion’s City interurban bus (hybrid electric version available), Lion’s Classic interurban bus, Americana city bus, Fortuna interurban bus, Lion’s Regio interurban bus, NM 223/283, NL/UL 313, NL 202, NL 223, NL 262 R, NL 273, NG 263, ND 234 F, MAN SR Modulo, 10.225 FOCL midi coach, 11.190 HOCL midi, 12.220 HOCL, MAN 14-223, 14.280 HOCL, 12.220, 14.220, 16.200, 18.220, 18.260, 24.310, 28.310, MAN 18-420 HOCL, and the MAN 13.220.

Interesting Facts

Though MAN is headquartered in Germany, they have production sites all over the world. Indeed, they are one of the widest spread commercial truck manufacturers in the world.

MAN currently manufactures its heavy range of trucks in Munich, Germany, Salzgitter, Germany, and Krakow, Poland. Their light and medium range trucks are manufactured in Steyr, Austria while their special-purpose trucks are built in Vienna, Austria.

MAN’s standard coach production facilities are located in Ankara, Turkey and Plauen, Germany. They produce their premium coaches in Plauen, Germany as well. Intercity buses constructed by MAN are made in Ankara, Turkey.

Starachowice, Poland, Poznan, Poland, and Ankara, Turkey all contain factories that manufacture MAN city buses. Plauen, Germany manufacturers their double decker buses. Finally, bus chassis are constructed in Plauen, Germany while engines are manufactured in Nuremberg, Germany.

In addition to owning production facilities around the world, MAN also works in partnership with other companies to produce many of its products. These other companies include China’s Zhengzhou Yutong Group for buses, China’s Jinhua Youngman Vehicle for heavy-weight trucks, India’s Pithampur for heavy-weight trucks, China’s Sinotruck for heavy-weight trucks, Brazil’s Resende for heavy, medium, and light weight trucks and bus chassis, and Germany’s Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles for military trucks.

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