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There are many interesting sports cars brands, and Lotus Car is definitely one of them. The company keeps producing interesting, innovative models, and if you wish to know more, such as such as what is a Lotus Car, when the company was founded, who owns Lotus, etc., you should keep reading this article.

About Lotus Car Company

Lotus Company was founded in 1952 by C. Dare and C. Chapman. Today, it is a popular British automobiles manufacturer based in Hethel, the UK, which makes outstanding, lightweight, and powerful sports/racing cars. There are many people who wonder who makes Lotus, and if you are one of them, you should know that the Lotus Engineering firm has facilities in different countries, including the UK, China, and Malaysia. Lotus USA engineering centers have also been founded.

Lotus auto models are not like anything else that you can find on the market. Over many decades, the company has followed the philosophy of its founder, Colin Chapman.

The employees utilize different quality materials and the latest technologies to make innovative and powerful products. Each Lotus car is made by hand, and only 2,000 machines are produced a year. Since 2017, Lotus auto business has belonged to Geely.

Lotus Car Models

Lotus makes some of the best performing sports machines that allow enjoying driving experience.

Current Lotus models include the following:

• Evora GT430 & GT430 Sport is the most powerful machine among other Lotus automobile products, which weighs 1,258 kg. The new Evora GT430 provides the great handling and the max. speed of 196 mph, which makes it the quickest vehicle ever produced by the manufacturer;
• Evora GT410 Sport is available with 2 seats or with 2+2 seats, and there are both MT and AT. It comes with advanced aerodynamics and some elements borrowed from the

• Evora 400 has 2+2 seats and lightweight chassis and. Its 3.5-l V6 engine produces 400 horsepower. There is a comfortable cabin with lots of new features.

• Exige Cup 430 comes with 55 horsepower. It is able to develop the max. speed of 180 mph. Its dry weight was reduced to 1,059 kg. The car develops the speed of 60mph in 3.2 secs.;
• Exige Sport 410 has been designed for the ultimate driving experience. The latest additions include the advanced chassis and improved suspension. It comes with the high-performance 3.5-l V6 engine and the light dry weight of 1,054 kg. The machine is able to achieve 60 mph in only 3.3 sec.;
• Exige Sport 350 offers great ride and handling.

• Elise Cup 260 is Lotus car produced in limited-edition. It is made of exotic materials and comes with smart engineering as well as great aerodynamics. It is the lightest Elise Cup. There is a race chassis, adjustable dampers, and nice interior;
• Elise Cup 250 is a lightweight auto Lotus product that now provides even better performance. It is a 2-seater sports car that comes with an all-alloy 1.8-l engine that allows reaching 60 mph in 3.9 secs. The top speed of the vehicle is 154 mph;
• Elise Sprint 220 is another Lotus vehicle that has been designed with a range of weight-saving elements. It comes with the 1.8-l engine and provides high efficiency. It can achieve 60 mph in 4.1 secs.;
• Elise Sport 220 comes with strong aluminum chassis and weight of only 68 kg. The new car comes with a few improvements in front clam panel and apertures.
3-Eleven 430 is the most extreme sports machine built by Lotus. The new version is the fastest road car by the manufacturer. It comes with the supercharged 3.5-l V6 engine that allows reaching 60 mph in 3.1 secs. Its top speed is 180 mph.

Lotus Car Price Range

Lotus price range starts from about $55,007.14 for Elise Sport 220 and goes up to $144,234.44 for Evora GT430 Sport Automatic.

Evora 400 is available with both MT and AT and where the Lotus car price for the first one is about $102,008.59, while it is $105,310.90 for the second version.

Lotus price for Evora GT410 Sport Manual is $116,311.47, and it is $3,303.36 more for the automatic vehicle. Evora GT430 Sport Manual will cost you $141,553.26, but if you wish to have an automatic version, you will have to pay another $2,681.18.

Exige Sport 350 Lotus car cost is $75,120.68.

As you already know, Elise Sport 220 is the cheapest Lotus Car product available at $55,007.14. You can purchase new Elise Sprint 220 at $60,821.71, and Elise Cup 250 will cost you $4,096.63 more.

You can buy Lotus Car machines right from their official website, where you can find the latest Lotus cost. However, you also want to check the prices provided by their dealers in your country. It is also possible to find used Lotus autos, but if you wish to know how much is a Lotus machine, you will have to do a search on the Internet to see the latest offers. The price also depends on a dealer that you get your car from.

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