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John Deere

John Deere is the brand name of Deere & company, an American-based corporation that specializes in the manufacturer of lawn car equipment, diesel engines, and machinery for agricultural, construction, and forestry applications. The company was founded in 1837 in Illinois and is one of the most successful manufacturing companies in the world today. In fact, it was listed in the 85th spot in America’s Fortune 500 ranking and 307th in the Fortune Global 500 ranking for 2013.

Company History

John Deere has an extremely long and interesting history. They are one of the oldest continually operating manufacturing companies in the United Stats.

The company got its start in 1837 when John Deere opened a blacksmith shop in Grand Detour, Illinois. He worked for many years as the general repairman of the town. He also spent time manufacturing his own line of small tools including shovels and pitchforks.

Deere soon moved on to the manufacturer of bigger tools including the cast-steel plow. This innovation in agricultural technology helped set his company apart from others. In fact, the steel plow greatly aided the American migration into the Great Plains during the 19th and early 20th century.

Another innovation Deere made to the manufacturing industry was related to the way he constructed his products. Rather than wait to build a product until it was ordered (as was the custom of the day), Deere realized it was much quicker to manufacturer a stockpile all at once and then put them up for sale. This allowed customers to see what they were buying beforehand and buy the product immediately rather than wait for it to be made.

John Deere continued running the company in the same manner, growing it and adding new products all the time, until his death in 1886. At this time, the company was taken over by investors and Deere’s son. John Deere, the company, was still manufacturing mostly farm equipment, including plows, wagons, and corn planters, but had branched out into a few other industries. One of these was the bicycle market in which they produced a few models.

Heading on into the 1900s, John Deere continued to focus on agricultural implements. In 1912, the company expanded into the tractor business. One of their first, and most successful, models was the Dain All-Wheel-Drive tractor.

The company continued to manufacturer farm equipment and tractors throughout the 1900s, surviving the Great Depression and both world wars. Today, John Deere is bigger than ever before. They continue to produce tractors, lawn care equipment, and other machinery for a variety of applications.

Flagship Model

John Deere manufacturers a wide variety of different products. These products can be broken down into several categories including agricultural equipment (including tractors), construction equipment, forestry equipment, and lawn care equipment. Though there is technically a flagship model for each group, the company is currently promoting their John Deere 8R Tractor as their flagship model.

The 8R Tractor was introduced by John Deere in Omaha, Nebraska in 2009. It is a premium row crop tractor boasting an impressive 225 horsepower. Special editions of the 8R have engines that can produce up to 245 horsepower, 270 horsepower, 295 horsepower, 320 horsepower, and 345 horsepower respectively.

Multiple different sub-models of the John Deere 8R Tractor are available. These include the 8225R, 8245R, 8270R, 8259R, 8230R, and 8345R. Though each tractor is built on the same basic platform, they each very slightly in size, function, and engine type. All of the models are four-wheel drive except for the two-wheel drive 8225R. The 8345R is the most powerful row crop tractor currently produced by any company.

Each 8R model John Deere tractor is styled in their signature green and yellow color pattern. They each come with an eight wheel track.

Current Models

John Deere currently has an impressive array of models on the market. As stated above, their products are divided into four main categories that include agricultural, construction, forestry, and lawn care.

Agricultural: John Deere produces a wide variety of agricultural equipment. The abovementioned 8R is their flagship model tractor though they have several other models available. They also manufacturer tractor attachments, combines, forage harvesters, cotton pickers, sugarcane harvesters, seed drills, field sprayers, manure spreaders, and much more.

Construction: John Deere manufacturers a variety of construction equipment including excavators, loaders, tracked loaders, backhoes, skid-steers, bulldozers, and graders.

Forestry: Equipment that John Deere produces for the forestry industry includes harvesters, forwarders, and skidders.

Lawn Care: A number of John Deere products are designed for home use. These include lawnmowers (both riding and push), snow throwers, and utility four wheelers.

Interesting Facts

John Deere has sponsored several prestigious events over the years. During the late 1990s, they sponsored the #23 and #97 racing cars for NASCAR driver Chad Little. They currently sponsor the John Deere Classic, a professional golf tournament held in the United States.

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