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Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company is a popular automobile manufacturer based out of Seoul, South Korea. Alongside Kia Motors, the company makes up the Hyundai Motor Group, the world’s fourth largest automaker based on annual vehicle sales. Without Kia, Hyundai itself is considered the eighth largest automaker in the world. The company produces dozens of different models of cars that are sold in 193 different countries.

Company History

The beginnings of Hyundai date back to 1947. When the company was first established, it was known as the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company. It wasn’t until 1967 that the Hyundai Motor Company was established.

The first car model manufactured by Hyundai was their Hyundai Cortina. The car was manufactured in cooperation with the Ford Motor Company. It hit the shelves in 1968.

But Hyundai had bigger plans for their automotive division. They wanted to design and develop their own cars. The company quickly hired six of the top British car engineers to work on their next line of automobiles. The Hyundai Pony was the first model the group released. It is famous as the first car completely designed and manufactured in Korea.

Hyundai stuck to the Asian market until 1984. In this year, they exported their Pony model to Canada. It wouldn’t be until 1986 that they entered the United States market for reasons related to the country’s emission standards.

Hyundai automobiles were an immediate success in both Canada and the United States. With solid footing in the North American market, the company’s sales started going through the roof. Hyundai continued to produce new models and started to develop the image of a world-class brand.

With multiple factories in countries around the world, including Korea, Germany, Japan, and India, the Hyundai brand continues to rise in power and wealth. They are currently one of the fastest growing car brands in the world.

Flagship Model

The Equus is the current flagship model of the South Korean automaker Hyundai. The vehicle is a full-size luxury sedan that serves as the brand’s flagship model in markets worldwide. It is known as the Hyundai Centennial in the Middle East. The car is currently the company’s largest and most expensive sedan.

The Hyundai Equus has been through two different generations since it hit the market in 1999. The second generation, the current generation, has been available since 2009. The Equus is sold in South Korea, Russia, China, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, Central America, and South America.

A number of features help the Hyundai Equus stick out from the pack. These include rear-wheel drive, a longer (than first generation) wheelbase, and an improved engine (either a 3.8-Liter or 4.6-Liter in South Korea).

The Hyundai Equus has won a number of honors since its release in 2009. These include a spot on the Forbes magazine list of the “10 Exciting Cars from 2010.”

A limited edition limousine version of the Equus is also available. It provides several limited edition features that are not available in the standard model. In addition, the Equus limousine features an exclusive horizontal cross-bar radiator grille as well as a power-driven footrest, rear-seat leg support, and a built-in massage system. Hyundai also sells an armored version of the Equus limousine that sports a V8 engine as well as a completely bulletproof exterior. Both limousine models are only available in South Korea and Russia.

Current Models

Hyundai currently produces a wide variety of model types. These include the Accent (known as Verna in some markets), the Atos (known as Atoz or Santro in some markets0, the Elantra (known as the Avante or Lantra in some markets), the Eon, the Equus, the ix20, the Genesis, the Genesis Coupe, the Grandeur (known as the Azera or XG in some markets), the i10, the i20, the i30, the i40, the Santa Fe, the Marcia, the Veloster, and the Xcent.

Among these the Accent, Elantra, and Santa Fe are perhaps the most popular (in addition to the flagship Equus).

Hyundai Accent: The Accent is a subcompact car that has been on the market since 1994.

Hyundai Elantra: The Elantra is a popular compact car that has been produced since 1990. It is now in its fifth generation.

Hyundai Santa Fe: The Santa Fe is a mid-size crossover SUV that has been available since 2000.

Previous Models

A number of models that have been produced in the past have been discontinued by Hyundai. These previous models include the Coupe (known as the Tiburon or Tuscani in some markets), the Dynasty, the Excel, the Scoupe, the Getz (known as the Click, Getz Prime, or TB in some markets), the Lavita (known as the Matrix in some markets), the Pony, the Santamo, and the Stellar. These are just the most popular previous Hyundai models. There are a number of others that did not make as big a mark on the automobile industry.

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