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Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motors Company Limited is a popular automobile manufacturer based out of China. They take their name from the Great Wall of China. The company is currently the seventh largest automaker from China. In fact, they produce the best-selling line of SUVs in the country. Great Wall automobiles are also available in several other countries including Thailand, Bulgaria, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Company History

Great Wall Motors was established relatively recently, in 1984. They spent their first several years as an organization producing only trucks. They didn’t offer a car model until 2010.

Great Wall has remained one of the leading truck manufacturers in China since its birth in 1984. By 1998, they reached the top position in the Chinese pickup truck market. As of 2010, Great Wall has produced over 700,000 pickup trucks in total.

The company holds the distinction of being the first private Chinese automaker to become a public company. The initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was made in 2003. Today, Great Wall is listed on both the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Great Wall Motors has produced several extremely popular models of SUVs over the years. These include the Great Wall Haval H3 and the Great Wall Haval H5. The high sale figures of these two models have made Great Wall the bestselling maker of SUVs in the country.

Unfortunately, Great Wall has been plagued by considerable controversy during its short history. Much of this controversy relates to its treatment of its workers. It has recently been reported that workers are only given one day off per week. Furthermore, new workers much undergo military-style training after being hired to work at Great Wall.

Great Wall vehicles are currently available in several countries around the world. Their small vans are somewhat popular in Europe and a small number of their SUVs are sold in Italy. Great Wall has recently started to sell a couple of its models in Australia. The company has recently opened a new factory in Bulgaria.

Flagship Model

The Haval H6 is the current flagship model for Great Wall Motors. The H6 is a mid-size SUV that has been produced since 2011.

The H6 was introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2011. Soon after, it hit the market with much success. It is available in front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. It was designed to replace the Great Wall Haval H5 SUV.

A number of features help the Haval H6 stick out from the pack. These include a high-strength body structure, side airbags, side curtain airbags, brake assist, tire-pressure monitoring, parking sensors, reversing camera, keyless entry, and light and rain sensors.

The Haval H6 can be purchased with one of several petrol or diesel engines. All of them meet Euro V emission standards.

Current Models

Great Wall Motors currently sells a varied array of models. The line is constantly expanding so expect it to be different in the near future. The current line of Great Wall vehicles can be broken down into a few main categories. These include:

SUVS: Great Wall currently produces the Haval H3, Haval H5, Haval H6, Haval M2, and Haval M4 for its SUV class.

Pick-Up Trucks: Great Wall currently produces the Deer, Steed 3, Steed 5, Wingle, and Wingle 5 for its pick-up truck class.

City Car: Great Wall currently produces the Coolbear, Florid, Peri, Haval M1, Voleex C10, and Voleex C20R for its city car class.

MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle): Great Wall currently produces the Voleex V80 for its MPV class.

Sedan: Great Wall currently produces the Voleex C30, Voleex C50, and Voleex C70 for its sedan class.

Previous Models

Because of its short history (it was only founded in 1984), Great Wall Motors does not have a very long list of discontinued models. Most of the models that it has designed in the past are still in use in some way or another. However, there are six previous models from Great Wall Motors. These are the Safe, Sailor, Sing, SoCool, Pegasus, and Proteus.

Interesting Facts

Great Wall Motors has made a serious investment in exploring technologies for automobiles using alternative energy. They showcased an all-electric SUV at the 2010 Guangzhou Auto Show. The company sees an opportunity in producing electric vehicles, as larger Western companies haven’t began to develop a large lead in these technologies.

Though most popular in China, Great Wall sells its cars in countries around the globe. Their cars are sold in Africa, Australia, South America, and Europe. They have plans of expanding to even more countries in the near future.

Great Wall has also started to dabble in motorsports racing. They have made appearances in each Dakar Rally since 2010. Each time their drivers have driven their Haval H3 models.

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