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Geely (Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH)) is a relatively new Chinese auto manufacturer that definitely has ambitious goals. It keeps purchasing stakes in different companies located all over the world and creating new divisions and subsidiaries. Today, it is one of the best know Chinese brands popular for producing affordable and quality vehicles.

About Geely Company

Geely is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The company aims at becoming one of the ten world-largest automobile manufacturers by building safe, economical and beautiful automobiles. Geely Group has total assets of more than 100 billion of renminbi. It has employed over 82,000 people (50,000 of them work in Geely Auto and 31,000 in Volvo Car Group). The company has been on the list of the Fortune Global 500 7 years in a row, and in 2018 it was on the 267th place. Geely Automobile Holdings, one of the company’s subsidiaries, has been listed in SEHK, an Asian major stock exchange, since 2004.

Geely Auto Group has 850 dealerships all over China and more than 450 sales/service points in forty countries.

A Brief History of Geely Car Company

Li Shufu was only twenty-three years old when he borrowed money from his family in 1986 in order to found a company that in several years became Geely International Corporation. In the middle 1990’s, the company made motorcycles, and in 1998, the first van was released by the manufacturer. Nobody was going to stop there, and in one year, it manufacturer got state approval to build automobiles, which production began in 2002.

One of the most well-known actions by the company was taking over Volvo Cars, which took place in 2010. In 2011, the company announced its intention to hit the UK market, and the first car from the Chinese manufacturer that became available in the country in 2012 was the Emgrand EC7, a compact car produced by one of the Geely’s divisions.

In 2017, aiming at expanding its businesses more, ZGH acquired more than a half stake in Lotus Cars, the iconic British sports/racing cars; nearly half stake in PROTON, the national Malaysian automotive brand, as well as Terrafugia, a US manufacturer of flying cars.

For the last several years, the company has also been busy with expanding CAO CAO, the new energy ride-hailing platform.

Geely Locations

The head office of ZGH is based in Hangzhou City, China and it controls a range of automotive groups.

Geely Auto Group is also based in Hangzhou, and its manufacturing facilities are located across China. It consists of two brands, including Geely Auto and LYNK & CO, a global brand with design centers located all over the world, including China, Sweden, Spain, and the USA.

Geely Motors is a subsidiary of Geely International Corporation and represents the brand in the Russian Federation.

Volvo Cars is based in Sweden and has a range of facilities in other countries, including Belgium, Malaysia, the USA, and China.

Geely Commercial Vehicle (GCV) includes two important brands, such as LEVC, located in the UK, and Yuan Cheng Auto.

BelGee is a car manufacturer that was founded in 2011 by BelAZ, SOYUZ, Geely, and CITIC International Investment. The company has a factory located in Belarus, which assembles Geely designed vehicle.

China Geely Cars

The following are Geely China car models in production:
• Proton;
• Lotus;
• Geely;
• Lynk & Co;
• London Taxi Co.;
• Polestar;
• Volvo.

The current product range of Geely Auto China includes:
• Sedans (Emgrand GT, Emgrand GL, GC 6, and Emgrand EV);
• SUV/Crossovers (Emgrand GS, X7 Sport, and X7).

In 2017, Polestar introduced its brand-specific model in China, and it is also known that all future cars will come with a fully electric powertrain.

Lynk & Co brand products include the following compact crossovers:

• Lynk & Co 01;
• Lynk & Co 02.

The following vehicles produced under Volvo Cars brand:

• S60/L/CC;
• S90/L;
• V40/CC;
• V60/CC;
• V90/CC;
• XC40;
• XC60;
• XC90.

Proton/Geely a Sports utility vehicle will be introduced in late 2018.

The Lotus brand products include the following:

• Elise;
• Exige;
• Evora;
• 3-Eleven.

The discontinued brands include the following:

Emgrand released in 2009 was a luxury brand that includes the following models:

• Emgrand EC7 (1.8 L compact automobile);
• Emgrand EC8 (a large family automobile);
• Emgrand EC (RV 1.5L-1.8L a compact automobile)
• Emgrand EX7 SUV (a compact crossover)

Englon, a car made in the British style, was launched in 2010 and included several models, such as TX4. Its emblem later was used by The London Taxi Company.

Some car produced under Gleagle brand could be bought on the Internet. It included the following products:

• Panda (1.3L city car);
• GX2 (1.3/1.5 L city car);
• CK (1.0/1.5 L 4-door, 5-seater subcompact sedan);
• GC7 (1.8 L compact four-door sedan).

Geely Cars in USA

The US auto market is the second largest in the world, which makes it very attractive for Chinese manufacturers. However, there are certain obstacles that Geely has to overcome to sell its products to the local citizens, including high standards and the belief of consumers that Geely Automobile Company makes low-quality products. However, Geely Automotive China aims at breaking those stereotypes by starting selling high-quality cars under the Lynk & Co brand in the USA by 2020.

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