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Dacia is one of the top Romanian auto manufacturers. It has always produced affordable cars, and today it is very popular auto brand in Europe. During more than fifty years of operating, the manufacturer has introduced a range of successful cars, for instance, such Dacia models as 1300 and Logan. The company’s vehicles have received various awards. The history of the brand is interesting and rich, and we offer you to find out more about Dacia company.

Dacia History

The story of the company began in 1966. The very first plant was open in two years in Mioveni (former Colibasi). The 1100, the first Dacia model, was made on the based on Renault concept. All in all, 37,546 cars were created, and its production was discounted in 1971. Another model known as the 1100S was launched, but only 40,000 cars were built.

The 1300 model presented in 1969 was built based on the Renault R12. Thanks to the attractive looks, reliability, and great features, the model became very popular instantly. Nearly every Romanian living during that period of time had that car. The 1300F model had no rear seats, and the 1300S model was used as an ambulance.

The 1301 introduced in 1974 was mainly used by the party’s members. It was equipped with different innovative features, such as windscreen mirrors, radio, and other features. From 1975 to 2000, Dacia 1302 was produced, and in total, 2,000 vehicles were made.

1979 was the year of the 1310 model’s debut that took place at the Bucharest show. Despite the Dacia slogan for this model was “The Very Acceptable Dacia Denem,” this did not really happen because of limited sales.

The Estafette was just another version of a van manufactured by Renault. The model 2000 was also pretty similar to the 20 from Renault. This was a car exceptionally produced for the Party elite, so only a small number of these vehicles were created.

The Sport, a 2-door coupe, was presented in 1981. A couple of years later, the company also created the pick-up version. In 1984, a restyled version of 1310 model appeared on the market. It had plastic bumpers, the 5-speed gearbox, a square-shaped design, and three optional engines. In 1987, the Dacia 1320 was presented. Not many changes were made to the car except for changing the body into a 5-door hatchback.

The production of the Dacia 500 model (Lastun) started in 1989. It was a compact vehicle with a fiberglass body. The work under the vehicle started in 1980 due to the order of the government of Romania. It was asked to create an economical car of a small size to be used on the cities’ roads. The best prototype was made only in nine years. Nevertheless, lack of quality led to the end of production in 1991.

The 1325 Liberta was nearly the same as the 1320 but with bigger bumpers.

Another restyling of the 1310 occurred in 1990. The model had the Liberta front-end. The completely new look the Dacia 1310 received in 1994 thanks to the new front fascia, boot lip, interior.

The Nova launched in 1995 was the first true Romanian car. In a couple of years, it got a facelift to make it more modern. The first fuel injected Nova GTi model was introduced by Dacia in 1998.

The final restyling of the 1310 model took place in 1999 when it got an engine with a fuel injection system and a range of other changes. In the same year, the auto company became the Renault Group’s subsidiary, so all Dacia cars since that time have been engineered by Renault.

The SuperNova introduced in 2000 was like Nova but with a few changes from Renault. This model was replaced with the Solenza in 2003.

The end of the 1310 age happened in 2004, which freed the way for the Logan. Another new model was launched in 2008, and it quickly became recognized internationally.

In 2010, the new model known as Duster was launched. In fact, it was the very first Romanian crossover. Finally, in 2012, the company introduced both models: the Dacia Dokker and the Dacia Lodgy.

Interesting Facts

  • The following are some of the most interesting Dacia facts:
  • Dacia was the official football sponsor for the 2008–09 seasons;
  • Less than ten Dacia Denem can be found today;
  • The 1100S model was used mainly by the police;
  • In the UK, the 1310 model was introduced as Dacia Denem.

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