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Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

There are plenty of drivers who would like to know how to save fuel when driving. Of course, there are people who do not care of how much they spend on driving a car, but if you do not belong to multimillionaires, you may be interested in checking out the ways to save fuel when driving, and we can help you with that.

What Can Help You Save Some Fuel?

A few things can be done, but to succeed, you may need to change your driving style or at least use our tips time to time.

Be attentive

Always control everything. You should see the road ahead to understand who else is moving, including pedestrians and other cars. It is essential to keep distance between cars. Not only will this help you save some fuel, but will also ensure your safety.

Drive steadily

20% of your fuel may be wasted due to dips in speed along with spurts of acceleration. So, how to conserve fuel when driving? You can use a very simple technique known as speed control, which will help you control the speed.

Press the accelerator pedal gently

You spend more fuel when you press the accelerator like crazy. It should be done gently. Basically, every time you accelerate hard, the spend more fuel. If you really want to learn how to improve fuel efficiency when driving, you should use a simple rule —after you start moving, press the accelerator pedal for 5 seconds until you reach the speed of about 15 mph.

Do not press the brakes hard

There are situations when it cannot be avoided, for instance, if somebody appears on the road suddenly, but, usually, you have enough time to slow down without pressing the brakes aggressively.

So, if you are just moving toward the red light or a stop sign, you can decrease your speed by stopping pressing the accelerator pedal. This is how you can save more fuel and also decrease the endurance on your brakes and tires, which will save you some money on repair and maintenance costs.

Control your speed

You should note that every 5 mph that you drive with speed over 50 mph will cost you more money. So, controlling your speed is how to conserve fuel when driving and also avoiding receiving speeding tickets.


These are simple things to remember, but it may be difficult to use all the tips at once. So, just give it time to get used to them. This is how to use less fuel when driving, be safe and get lower insurance rates for wise driving. You may also check out other recommendations to increase your savings.