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How to Keep Your Car Clean

It is essential to clean the interior/exterior of your car because there is lots of debris and trash on the floor, the dashboard, doors, etc. You also want to ensure that your vehicle looks good and clean. We offer you to check out some interior car cleaning tips and tricks as well as some recommendations on how to clean cars’ exterior.

Carpets/Floor Mats

Before you begin using our car interior cleaning tips home, remove all food wrappers, papers, coins, and anything else that you do not need in the car. Take the floor mats and shake them vigorously. Some mats come with indentations that are needed to trap melting snow and water, so some dirt can be there. You can use a vacuum cleaner and a stiff brush to get everything out.

Then you should wash the mats with a jet of water using your garden hose. Leave the mats until they dry completely.

To clean a carpet, you should use your vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning products.


The following are our car seat cleaning tips that can be applied to different materials, including vinyl, leather, and cloth upholstery. Clean the seats with a vacuum cleaner. It is difficult to keep leather looking new. Over the time, the surface gets lots of grime and dirt, and that is why you need to use a great leather-cleaning product to clean the surface with a towel.

Vinyl seats can be cleaned easier than leather, and you just need to choose a good cleaning product.

Our car upholstery cleaning tips include checking out the cloth seats from dirt and odor. You should use a quality upholstery cleaner or/and stain remover.

Mirrors and Windows

To clean mirrors and windows, you can use a glass cleaner along with a microfiber cloth. These car interior cleaning tips are not quite suitable for tinted windows, because they may require more cautious. It may be dangerous to use some regular cleaning products.

Front Panel

Vacuum all the dust in dashboard before using a cleaning product. You can also use an interior dressing suitable for certain materials. There are lots of buttons in your vehicle, and to clean them, you can use a screwdriver with a cloth wrapped around its tip. Air vent grills can be cleaned with the brush.

Door Panels

Door panels may be made of several materials, and this should be kept in mind when choosing for products or methods. There are door panels, cup holders, or open details that you should clean with a chemical product, and the rest can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

White Car Cleaning Tips

White cars require special attention. You need to use cleaners designed for automobiles. You do not want to use household cleaners because they can strip the paint or wax from the auto body.

Paint cleaners are great to remove all of the grime, and all tiny bits of dirt can be cleaned with a clay bar. Do not forget to apply a couple coats of wax, waiting for some time between them. Thanks to the wax, the white paint of your car will be protected. A chamois is suitable to buff the finish.