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How to Find a Low-Cost Car Rental?

If you use a one-way rental, you will have to drop off your vehicle at another rental office. Although this is one of the best ways to travel, it can be expensive. The prices for a one-way rental are determined based on different factors. Luckily, car rental tips and tricks will help you save some money.

How to Save Some Money?

The following are one way car rental tips that you should use to enjoy your one-way trip at a good price:

• Paying in advance;
• Using coupons/discounts;
• Following the seasons;
• Taking advantage of a driveaway;
• Choosing a car wisely.

Paying in advance

There is a range of rental businesses that offer discounts for customers prepaying for their rental. Using this option, you can save up to 35% of the original price. However, you should note that usually the prepayment is nonrefundable, and if for some reasons, you cannot make it, you will lose your money. It is important to be sure in travelling no matter what.

Using coupons/discounts

There are many rental companies’ website and coupon websites allowing you to check out the discount offers. Usually, they are available as coupon codes. So, you need to conduct some search to find out if there is a good discount offer available for your trip.

Following the seasons

On certain seasons, car rental companies move their fleet to another location. This allows getting a good price because you, basically, do a great job for the company by moving their car to the needed location.

Using a driveaway

One of the most beneficial tips for cheap car rental is using a driveaway. This is an agreement according to which, you move a vehicle as per the wish of its owner from one location to another.

Driveaways are a great opportunity for flexible travelers who wish to enjoy a low-cost trip. As a driver, you will only need to pay for food, lodging, tolls, and some fuel costs.

Choosing a car wisely

It is extremely important to pick your vehicle wisely because this is one of the factors influencing the base rate. One of our car rental tips is choosing a compact vehicle that does not require much gas. Maybe you will be interested in trying out a hybrid.


Generally, you should not be scared away by the prices offered by a rental company right away because if you use our tips, you will be able to find more or less reasonable price or even a pretty good discount. It may take some time to search for a coupon code or an owner who needs to move his or her car to another location, but it will allow you to understand where to search and what to do so that you can use your knowledge the next time and spend less time on that.