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Ebay Trucks for Sale: 7 Things You’ll Need to Know

Despite the frenzy of online scams, purchasing trucks on eBay can be a safe and financially smart decision, provided you know what you’re doing. My brother purchased a 2004 Ford F150 on eBay and it has been running like a charm for two years. However, he had to do plenty of homework before buying to avoid frauds and to make sure he got the exact truck he wanted. Listed below are seven helpful steps when looking at eBay trucks for sale.
1: Check Out the Seller’s History
A great feature about eBay is that it allows members to view the seller’s previous transaction. If a guy has got several trucks for sale on eBay and has a good transaction history, then it is probably a genuine purchase. If the buyer has never sold/bought anything yet, be cautious.
Not all first time sellers are fraud artists however, but it does mean that you need to investigate them further. If the person works for a sales company, you can search their name or business to look for user reviews and their main website. Buying from dealers is usually a safer option, but individuals who have used trucks for sale on eBay generally offer a lower price.
2: Research the Truck
Finding out about the prospective truck is just as important as researching the seller. Most sellers can get you a carfax report so you can look at the specs, mileage, and check for any problems. The report may require a small fee (around $20-$30), but it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.
Each type of truck will require a different kind of research. For example, buying pickup trucks for sale on eBay will be a lot easier than if you were looking at eBay dump trucks for sale or eBay tow trucks for sale. Regardless of the type of truck you are looking for, getting a carfax report can be vital for confirming the quality and longevity of the vehicle.
3: Don’t Bid Impulsively
Even if you need a truck immediately, avoid buying the first truck you see. Additionally, buyers should avoid getting involved in a bidding war where they spend several hundred more than the originally planned. In some cases, just waiting another week or month will allow you to get a much better deal.
4: Call the Salesperson
If the seller does not want to talk with you over the phone it should send up an automatic red light. Even talking with the person on the phone can help provide insight over what type of person they are. Additionally, it allows you to get immediate answers on warranty, shipping cost, and other information.
5: Be Present at the Transaction
If the buyer is in a nearby city or state, arrange to pick up the truck yourself. This way you can ensure the truck is working properly and you can drive it home to save shipping costs. Vehicle delivery can be very expensive, so this can save you several hundred dollars.
6: Have an Expert Inspect the Truck
All eBay cars and trucks for sale should be thoroughly inspected prior to purchasing. If you don’t know much about cars, hire a mechanic or any friends you have that are vehicle geeks to perform a general inspection.
If something is not the way it should be, don’t be afraid to be upfront with the seller or even walk away if you don’t feel you are getting your money’s worth. A friend of mine almost got a Chevy 2500HD for sale only to find out its originally V8 engine had been replaced by a pitiful inline 4-cylinder. As you can imagine, he walked away immediately.
7: Finalizing the Paperwork
Collect all documents, receipts, and reports for the vehicle before returning home with it. Most importantly, you’ll need the document that proves your ownership of the truck. If the seller has to mail it to you later, make sure that you see a printed copy first to ensure that the truck is actually theirs to sell. This should be the last thing you do before paying for the vehicle.