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Cheap Used Trucks: What To Look Out For to Get the Best Value

Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest expenses in an average person’s life, right up there with paying off your mortgage or your kid’s college fund. Used trucks are more durable than used cars and are more functional, so buying one is a smart choice. However, have you thought about how much you should spend on a used truck?
Cheap Used Trucks vs. Brand New Trucks
Budget is the primary reason why people purchase a used vehicle instead of a new one, but there can be other reasons. Many buyers believe that buying a new truck is a waste of money since it depreciates by over 20% the moment you drive it off the lot. Others may just want a vehicle to drive temporarily while they save up for a better one.
Are Cheap Used Trucks for Sale What You Need?
Trucks are primarily used for carrying heavy loads or driving off-road. These vehicles are not people carriers, unless you plan to spend $20,000+ on a Dodge 3500HD RAM or another premium truck with comfortable seats. There are still several benefits to buying a truck however, including good fuel mileage, strong engine power, brakes, and an overall reliable vehicle.
What’s Your Budget?
Some people may need a financing plan for buying a used truck, while others can pay straight up cash. If you are going to pay cash, estimate how much you want to spend. Private sellers are usually opposed to financing options, especially if they want to get the vehicle off their hands quickly.
Several other unforeseen expenses can also come into play. For example, used truck insurance, registration fees, and title transfers are costs that most buyers do not take into account when making a vehicle purchase. In some countries, you may also be required to get an emissions or smog certification.
Used Trucks for Sale: Cheap Prices Require Research
Researching is the best way to get started. Ask friends and family members if they are happy with their vehicle models and whether they would recommend the same model for you. As you focus your attention on buying a new vehicle, you may start to notice particular years or models of trucks as you go about your day. If you find specific models those appeals to you, write them down for further research.
Auto trade magazines and local newspapers are an invaluable information source for the used truck market. Every country/state may have different prices, so make sure your information is localized. Magazines, websites, and brochures can all help you to build of short list of potential trucks that you’d be interested in purchasing.
It’s Time for Serious Research
Your computer, local library, or automobile shop is all great research sources. Look at each vehicle on your list and check for gas mileage information, comparison reports, maintenance costs, safety records, etc. Remember to also research taxes, registration fees, and other side expenses.
Cheap Used Trucks Sale: Owner vs. Private Dealer
The warranty is one of the biggest differences between buying from a private party and dealer. Most private sellers offer little to no warranty, especially if the vehicle is several years old. Conversely, many established dealers offer extended warranties, albeit for a higher price.
So How Much Is Enough?
Depending on the age, model, brand, and features, expect to spend somewhere from $3,000 to $10,000 on cheap used trucks. Unless you find a reliable seller, we would not recommend buying a truck for less $2,000-$3,000; otherwise you may have serious problems with reliability and safety.