20 Interesting Facts About BMW

20 Interesting Facts About BMW

Amazing BMW cars have been extremely popular for decades, making the name of the manufacturer recognized and respected worldwide. The German company has a rich history, and even though you may know all about BMW cars, you may have no idea about certain interesting historical twists that, eventually, led to the fantastic success of the company. Do you wish to find out when was the first BMW made? Do you know interesting BMW sport car facts? In this article, you will find many answers as well as a range of exciting BMW facts.

Fact#1. The beginning

Let’s start learning BMW facts from the very beginning – the inception of the company. Initially, BMW was not an automobile company. In 1916, it was established to produce aircraft engines that were used during WWI.

Fact#2. Founders and owners

The company was established Karl Rapp, Camillogastiogline, Franz Joseph Popp, and currently, it belongs to Quandit family.

Fact#3. The name

Originally, the company was called Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH, but it was renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH soon after the Karl Rapp resigned.

Fact#4. The first product

One of the most interesting facts about BMW is that the first product produced by BMW was not a car or motorcycle — it was the aircraft engine BMW IIIa, which actually was the major step toward to the expansion of the company. Since the engine was fuel economy and provided great performance, the company began to receive plenty of orders from the German military.

Fact#5. Forced to stop producing aircraft engines

BWM had all the chances to continue its success in producing aircraft engines, but it could not do it anymore due to The Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919, according to which Germany had to disarm and execute a range of other requirements to stop WWI. This is how the company shifted to the production of motorcycles and automobiles.

Fact#6. The first motorcycle

In 1923, the first BMW motorcycle was built. It was the BMW R32 model with 494 cc side-valve air-cooled flat-twin. It could develop speed up to 95 km/h. It had a tubular steel frame with, and its front fork had a trailing link design.

Fact#7. The first automobile

So, what year was the first BMW car made? The first true BMW car was built in 1929. A year later, in attempting to get involved in the production of automobiles, BMW acquired the Automobilwerk Eisenach. As a result, the Dixi car (originally produced by the Automobilwerk Eisenach) became BMW 3/15.

Fact#8. The deal with Lambo that was never completed

Are you looking for interesting sport car facts? One of them is that the First BMW “M” car could have been a Lamborghini. According to the agreement signed by Lambo and BMW in the 1970s, BMW was responsible for supplying the engine and a few suspension bits for a new model, but at the last minute, Lamborghini stopped the project, which made BMW focus on the development of “M” car.

Fact#9. Nearly became Mercedes

In 1959, BMW had major financial difficulties caused by Cold War, and Daimler-Benz, a parent company of Mercedes, tried to use this situation by attempting a hostile takeover. BMW did not want to give up and made everything possible to buy shares back. If Daimler-Benz had won the battle, you would not have been reading these interesting BMW car facts now. Since then, the two brands have become the major rivals.

Fact#10. The truth behind the logo

There are well-known facts about BMW that are actually not true. There are many people who believe that the main colors of the logo (blue and white) were chosen after the colors of Bavaria because the company was established where. In reality, the logo design is actually inspired by a rotating aircraft propeller spinning against a blue sky. When the logo was designed, it was prohibited according to the Trademark Act because it was considered a national coat of arms. Luckily, the colors of the logo and the Bavarian flag matched, and this coincidence was used to explain the chosen design.

Fact#11. The first electric car

Did you know that the first BMW electric car was built in 1972? Although it did not have commercial success, it was a big step forward. An electric car had pretty decent speed and other great benefits, but it had a major disadvantage — the battery could last only for around 20 minutes. This and some other BMW car facts clearly show that the company is willing to experiment.

Fact#12. Production of the faster motorcycle

The company is known for amazing BMW cars, but what about motorcycles? In 1937, BMW managed to create the world’s fastest motorcycle that could develop the speed of 278 km/h.

Fact#13. BMW Nickname in America

Did you know that in the USA and some other countries, BMW cars are called “bimmers,” and BMW motorcycles are called “beemers.” There is the history behind these nicknames. BMW was pretty big in racing, and BSA Bikes were often their competitors. Over some time, both bikes got a nickname — the Beeser for BSA Bikes and Beemer for BMW. When the company started to produce automobiles, their true fans just could not call them Beemers as well. So, the term Bimmer came up for BMW cars.

Fact#14. The attention-capturing BMW slogan

The BMW slogan ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ was a result of one of the most successful marketing campaigns, grabbed the attention of BMW fans right away. It was created by Bob Lutz and introduced in 1973. It was so popular that BMW fans did not want to accept new slogan, such as ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ offered for the US customers and ‘Joy is BMW’ provided for China and some European countries.

Fact#15. BMW produces Mini Coopers and Rolls Royces

BMW is a manufacturer of Rolls Royces and Mini Coopers, although they are two Britain brands.

Fact#16. BMW designs train and airplane interiors

The company made the interior for Singapore Airlines. New BMW train models will be found in San Francisco’s BART system.

Fact#17. The number of BMW’s employees

BMW has around 106 thousand employees all over the world. In the UK, there are about 8,000 people who work for the company.

Fact#18. BWM Income

In 2008, BMW earned about $4,279 million. Their factory in Carolina produces around 1,000 vehicles a day. In 2009, the company produced around 1.4 million vehicles.

Fact#19. BMW CSL is nicknamed Batmobile

The design of BMW CSL resembles batmobile, thanks to arches and spoilers. That is why it is so loved by sport cars fans.

Fact#20. The headquarters of BMW resemble the BMW Engine

The design of BMW headquarters is similar to the design of a 4-cylinder engine, which represents a BMW heritage.