Rokblokz vs Rally Armor

Rokblokz vs Rally Armor

Today, it appears like every automobile on the road has at least one modification, mud flaps. Mud flaps not only protect your car’s delicate paint from rock chips while driving in the snow or mud, but they also add elegance to your vehicle.

There are a few different types of mud flaps available on the market. The most popular options are the Rokblokz and the Rally Armor, but which one should you pick? Continue reading to learn more about this topic.


Rokblokz is a small, family-owned mud flap company situated in Utah. Initially, the company just made mud flaps for Subaru, but now they create them for just about any off-road vehicle.

The company’s mud flaps are made of a unique polyurethane-based material that is CNC machined. They are stiffer than pure polyurethane while keeping the fantastic durability of polyurethane. They’re not flappy, but they’re flexible. That means that the mud flaps will maintain their shape at high speeds while providing proper protection for your ride, rather than flapping around in the wind like some cheaper alternatives.

Even in the cold season, the flaps are designed to tolerate the cold while remaining flexible. As a result, they can withstand damage in harsh winters, even on lowered vehicles.

Rokblokz mud flaps are proudly created in the United States and distributed worldwide. Their shipping is always quick; however, their packaging isn’t very nice. They will arrive wrapped in cellophane and taped inside folded cardboard rather than in a box. However, things will improve from there. Right first, you will sense that the Rokblokz’s material, while still solid, is a little more flexible. The directions are clear, and all of the hardware is stainless. However, two more features make these flaps stand out.

First, if you order the original flaps, they will come with some marks to help you trim away some material to make the flaps sit flush against the fender. This allows for a somewhat more giant wheel to be used without rubbing.

Second, all of the spacers are genuine spacers rather than fuel line spacers. Additionally, instead of using only bitey-headed screws, the kit includes stainless steel brackets, stainless steel smooth head screws, and well-nuts to secure the bottom of the front mud flaps to the truck’s frame. This is unquestionably a superior way. First, to increase clearance, and second, to improve mud flap stability.

Installation is considerably straightforward, with less fumbling to get everything to line up since the instructions are much easier to grasp. If you’re picky, a little tweaking to align the notch with the fender will ensure there’s no gap between the fender’s bottom and the mud flap.

The Rokblokz mud flaps have a better shape as well. The rear mud flaps should be simple, but the front mud flap should provide additional coverage because the front wheel turns side to side. The Rokblokz are shaped to make this easier thus, installing them will ensure adequate protection to your car.

A Quick Summary of Rokblokz Mud Flap Key Features

  • BPA Safe
  • Their size meets the current MSA requirements
  • Chemical, grease, and oil resistant
  • Easy to cut using a Stanley knife or a pair of scissors
  • Weather-resistant
  • They are durable and flexible
  • They are cheaper compared to the Rally Armor mud flaps

Rally Armor

Rally Armor is a relatively new firm that was created in the city of Astoria, New York, in 2003. Its specific purpose during its establishment was to give their sellers, such as CJ Pony Parts, items for Fiesta ST or Ford Focus ST owners who wanted to protect their cars while also adding a touch of style.

The Rally Armor mud flaps protect the side of your vehicle by preventing mud, water, and other debris from being flung from the rear and front wheels onto the vehicle’s rear and side. Through this, damage to your door panels, paint job, rear bumper, and side skirts are prevented. Furthermore, whether your car is lowered or you have rally status, the flaps create a more attractive look.

Rally Armor exclusively utilizes high-quality and super durable and polyurethane materials to ensure that their mud flaps remain second to none. Their crew is also made of the most experienced industry fabricators skilled in making premium quality mud flaps using a piece of high-grade machinery. Thus if you happen to acquire a set of mud flaps from them, you can be sure that your car will get maximum protection, even if you have an extremely aggressive wheel setup with wide sticky tires.

Each set of Rally Armor mud flaps is custom-made to fit the vehicle for which Rally Armor manufactures them. The company extensively examines each vehicle for rear and front-wheel specifications and designs flaps that suit those specs to ensure that each set of flaps will be properly installed with minimal effort. After testing the mud flaps in harsh conditions, their engineers then alter and perfect the design in terms of style and usefulness. Later, Rally Armor builds the approved mud flap design and distributes them to the general public once all the bugs have been worked out. All of the testing and production takes place in the United States.

It is possible to order mud flaps directly from the Rally Armor manufacturer. The majority of purchases will be shipped out within 24 to 72 hours of the item’s availability. However, it is recommendable that you contact the company before purchasing to confirm your shipping dates.

A Quick Summary of the Rally Armor Mud Flaps Key Features

  • They are durable and flexible
  • They are an excellent option for customized projects
  • Weather-resistant
  • They have a UV-resistant black poly-blend plastic
  • Approximately 15″ long and 12″ wide


Mud flaps have become a popular automotive modification in recent years. They are not only a fantastic investment that adds style to your vehicle, but they also preserve your automobile paint and keep it looking new for years to come. Regardless of which option you choose, your mud flaps will withstand road wear while also adding a splash of color to your car.



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