YAMAHA YZF750 Review & Ratings: Design, Features, Performance, Specifications ...

YAMAHA YZF750 Review & Ratings

Anyone who remembers Nitro Nori sideways wanted one of these…

THE FIRST TIME… It was 1993. I was a first year apprentice motorcycle mechanic at Willing’s M/C in Wyong, NSW. One day a truck pulled up with a bigger than the usual motorbike crate on the back and we all had to hand lift the crate off. I remember cutting my hands on the sharp steel frame… Anyway I didn’t care. All I cared about was the bike that was inside that crate. A pink and white YZF750. One of the first in the country and certainly the first I’d seen outside of drooling over the test of the bike in the March 1993 issue of Performance Bikes.
Then it got better. Len Willing asked me to un-crate the bike. Of course, it was in his typical style of “Hey you little turd get that bike out of the crate and pre deliver it ASAP”! I was stoked. So, so stoked that if it had have been possible I would have Twitter and Facebooked images immediately! I carefully uncrated and PD’d that bike and I’ve never forgotten the feeling…

WHAT MADE IT SPECIAL… It was so, so much tricker than anything else I’d seen. Made a ZXR750 look like a tank. Had the biggest brakes ever. Had the biggest, fattest muffler imaginable and it looked seriously 1990s cool in pink and white (this was the days of Hypercolour T-Shirts). It looked like a real superbike and was. To me, the YZF quickly relegated my other favourite bike, the FZR1000, to sports tourer class. I remember when the owner picked it up

I was in awe of him. I just had to have one but on $150 a week for six days it was highly unlikely – I always owed half my pay to the food truck lady for pies and smokes!

WOULD YOU… Like to own one? Yes and I have had the opportunity to buy an immaculate one in the past but I just can’t justify yet another bike in the shed. I’ve never had a good ride on one so I would like to experience ownership one day, even for a few months…

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES… Pretty slim. They hardly made an impact as the Fireblade was all conquering and the ZXR750M came out. The YZF750 was two years too late for Yamaha and it was 150cc too small thanks to the 900 ‘Blade. That means there are hardly any examples around and they are very rare.

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