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Volkswagen Touran Review & Ratings


The Volkswagen Touran is a compact multi-purpose vehicle based on a lengthened version of the 5th generation VW Golf Mk5, and it is sold sold on the European continent and certain other markets. It is not sold in the United States. It was introduced in the early 2000s to fill a void in the model line-up from Volkswagen, under the Sharan large MPV. The vehicle comes in five- or seven-seat models. It is basically an longer version of the Golf Plus, because their front ends look sort of the same in size, but the Touran’s rear overhang is just a little longer. In some places, like Japan, the vehicle is referred to as a Golf Touran.

Where does the name ‘Touran’ come from, anyway? Car companies, and Volkswagen in particular, has been accused of coming up with some pretty weird car names. What’s the story behind this one? We don’t know much about the origin, but we do know that ‘Touran’ is a combination of ‘Tour’ and ‘Sharan’, which is the bigger multi-purpose vehicle by Volkswagen. Even though there is a name similarity, the Touran is not associated with the Volkswagen Routan, which is sold in North America.

The Volkswagen Touran is marketed as a car that offers the most in comfort and convenience. Its features and options as a family car are second to none. Volkswagen, on their Touran profile page, states that they believe driving should be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. So, to that end and with that purpose in mind, they set out to make a premium and comfortable interior for the Touran – something so extraordinary and blissfully relaxing that you would fall in love with it on the first test drive. To add to the interior experience beyond the comfort factor, there is an awesome in-cabin entertainment system and standard features like air condition that make every ride as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Volkswagen came out with the Touran in 2003 to come up with their own answer to the issues of the big family not wanting a big car to get them around in. The Touran came in either a five- or seven-seat option.

The Touran has sold more than one million units. Competition in this area is really tough, with new entrants trying to be as car-like and versatile as possible. Big families don’t necessarily want big cars, but they do want cars that will be able to get them all in the vehicle. That’s a tough balance to strike, but Volkswagen hit the nail on the head with the Touran.

The Volkswagen Touran is one of the most versatile MPVs in this market segment, because of its nice dimensions, a wide range of engine choices and a nicely designed interior. It’s basically a smaller, seven-seat copycat of the Sharan, but it weights less and is smaller, so it is more stylish and efficient than the Sharan. Every engine uses VW’s fuel-saving BlueMotion technology to cut down on costs. The Touran comes in three different specifications – entry-level S, mid-range SE and the Sport.

Some of the criticisms of the car are that it is uninspired, boring, and uninteresting. Some people characterize it as a vehicle that was designed to fill a gap in the VW lineup, to fill the needs of a particular segment, that it was designed in an uncreative way. Still, that is good news for families who value practicality over stylish design and unnecessary bells & whistles. If you have a large family and need to get them around reliably, and you value function over form, then this is the vehicle for you.

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