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Volkswagen Touareg Review & Ratings


The Volkswagen Touareg is a high-end mid-size crossover SUV created and marketed by Volkswagen. It was first introduced in 2002, and it has been produced up to the present day. The vehicle got its name from the Tuareg people, a tribe in Africa. It is quite an unusual name for a car, and the name is not in any way related to the tribe, but you can’t deny that it is a catchy and fun name for a car.

2014 Touareg

Volkswagen markets the Touareg as a luxurious and smart choice. They present it as a vehicle that is stylish, lavished with interesting detail, has a thoughtful design, and features the latest technologies. Volkswagen proudly claims that the Touareg is the best of everything they’ve ever perfected – all in one vehicle.

Starting at $44,570, the Touareg is not an inexpensive vehicle, but it does have plenty of features, plenty of power, and a stylish design – more than enough to justify the high price. Make no mistake, this is a luxury vehicle. This is not your typical mid-grade underpowered SUV. This is a hybrid crossover SUV with luxury imbued throughout. This can get you around just as well in the woods or mountains as it can in the city – and that flexibility is worth paying for. This is an excellent car if you live in a mountainous or forested region and want a vehicle that can do it all. When you’re finished driving around that mountain trail, you can pull the car into a restaurant at night in the heart of the city. For instance, if you lived near a ski resort near a town, this car would be a great purchase. It is the perfect car for the distinguished gentleman who likes the outdoors as much as he does the city.

The 2014 Touareg comes in a number of handsome, attractive, and classy colors. None are too bold, bright, or garish. The colors are deep earth tones, whites, silvers, and greys that accentuate the distinguished character and refined design of this elegant SUV.

This model gets 17 MPG city and 23 MPG highway, which is certainly not bad for a SUV of this size, caliber, and power.

The Touareg is the vehicle of choice for the man that wants flexibility in his driving experience. It is a powerful, elegant, and versatile car that can get you from point A to point B in style – wherever you are. Whether you prefer the smooth paved roads of the city or the rocky terrain of the mountains, this car will fit right in.

Marketing & Advertising

What makes the Touareg unique? How does Volkswagen market this hybrid car? In the USA and Canada, there were television advertisements that featured a Touareg doing things that other Volkswagen cars could not, like shooting through snow while another Volkswagen car got stuck.

One ad showed a Touareg pulling a Boeing 747. The car holds the world record for the heaviest object pulled by an ordinary vehicle.

The launch of the Touareg 2 co-occurred with The Bourne Ultimatum movie premiere, and Volkswagen created a stunt simulator that let Volkswagen enthusiasts and film fans perform their stunts on the Internet.

It is clear that Volkswagen sees this car – and wants us to see it – as a powerful, robust crossover vehicle that can do things that other Volkswagen cars cannot accomplish.

Awards & Critical Acclaim

The Touareg was the voted the Best Luxury SUV for 2003 by Car and Driver magazine. It won other awards from Motor Trend, Four Wheeler, and Overlander.

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