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Volkswagen Polo Review & Ratings


The VW Polo is a supermini car. ‘Supermini’ is a special designation for automobiles sold in Europe. It is a type of automobile that is bigger than a city car, yet smaller than a compact family car. It was first introduced in 1975, and it is still being produced now. It is sold on the European continent, and it is sold across the world as well, but it was first introduced in Europe. It comes in a sedan, hatchback, coupe, and estate model. It is sold principally in the UK.

The Polo has gone through five serious facelifts in its nearly four decades of production. Similar VW models include the Audi A1, SEAT Ibiza, and Skoda Fabia.

The VW Polo won the World Car of the Year in one year.


VW’s slogan for the New Polo is “Drive Confident”, and the car’s aesthetic exudes a quiet, self-assured, and cool confidence – especially in the blue color pictured on the official website. Make no mistake, this isn’t your ordinary passenger car. This car has a personality. One glance, and you’ll understand.

VW cars are world-renowned for their classic aesthetic, quality paint jobs, and spaciousness – and all of these hallmarks are clearly seen in the Polo.

What Do The Car Review Magazines Say?

One reviewer from AutoCar in the UK wrote that the car had a maturity, trustiness, and solidity to it that you typically wouldn’t see in a supermini car. The supermini car class is usually associated with personality, originality, and cute style – and the VW Polo has all that – but it also has another layer of maturity and reserve to it. Its design, aesthetic, and features make it seem like much more than your typical supermini car.

The Polo is currently in its fifth generation, and all these years of sales success attest to its timeless appeal and high customer satisfaction ratings. What is this car, essentially? What is VW trying to do with it? Some have characterized as just a smaller Golf that is more affordable. That doesn’t mean it’s worse than the Golf by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, for some car buyers, it’s preferable. A smaller size and a lower price is just what some car buyers are after. Cuteness and cheapness are sometimes just what a car buyer is in the market for.

The Polo has an established market presence, and it has managed to survive all these years without being discontinued or replaced with a new model. With that established market presence, though, comes some serious complexity. The car comes in different varieties with different choices of engines and an array of colors.

It needs to be said that this isn’t a low-priced supermini car. Now, it is a low-priced car, in general. Still, as far as the supermini car class goes, it is not at the lower end of the price spectrum. The supermini car class is chock full of serious competitors, and the Polo is going up against big contenders that have lower price points and respectable feature profiles.

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