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Volkswagen CC Review & Ratings


The Volkswagen CC, first called the Volkswagen Passat CC, is a four-dour sedan version of the popular VW Passat. It came out in January of 2008, and it premiered for the first time at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. CC is an abbreviation that stands for Comfort Coupe.

The CC is midway between the Phaeton and the Passat in the Volkswagen range. The Volkswagen CC is based on the Passat, and it has its wheelbase in common. The CC, however, is lengthier, lower to the ground, and wider than the Passat, so it is really more of an executive-focused version of the Phaeton.

Sales & Demographics

When the CC was introduced in 2008, VW said that it had goals of selling more than 300,000 units over a seven-year period. The carmaker expects that more than half of these sales will come from the United States alone. They predict roughly 25,000 cars a year will be sold in the U.S.

With the revised model, VW markets the CC as having a “sports car”-like feel and dynamic, but road tests indicate that referring to the C as a sports sedan is kind of misleading. Edmunds gave the car a favorable rating, calling it a higher-quality choice compared to other mid-size sedans on the market, and that it was quite attractive. Still, there were criticisms leveled against the car, that it had too small of a trunk or backseat, and that the suspension was a little too firm.

2012 Revisions

A full revision and restyling to the car was showed off at the LA Auto Show, and the production began in January of 2012. The front portion of the car, as well as the rear end, was changed to make the CC appear similar to the current VW design, but the midsection was left alone.

There were some interior changes too. There was a small design change to the center console, and the control panel was updated. The same design is seen in the Passat Alltrack.

The European engine options stayed the same. The transmission options were moved from the former version, but the diesel automatic transmission currently has a free-wheel function that is supposed to cut down on fuel consumption by releasing the clutch when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator.


Volkswagen markets the CC as luxury at an affordable price. Coming in at just $32,685, it certainly is affordable for a luxury car. The car is marketed as sophisticated and stylish – yet cheap enough to be within the grasp of most people.

The CC has a sporty, striking, and sophisticated style that engages you at first glance. Like one car magazine said, it is a better alternative than other mid-size sedans, and it is also highly attractive. Just one look at this stunning mid-size sedan, and you’ll fall in love. Indeed, that’s what Volkswagen hopes you’ll do. They say that the car as designed “to drive itself into your heart”.

The VW sales page for this vehicle says that the car comes with great amenities and premiums that won’t cost you a fortune. The car comes with free scheduled maintenance, climate control, touchscreen navigation, and a rear-view camera. It’s everything you’ve always wanted in a car – without the added cost.

The CC is the smartest buy in a luxury mid-size sedan that you can get. The CC 2.0T, CC R-Line 2.0T, and CC V6 make up the family. The range is within the reach of most serious car buyers. The models come in at $32,685, $33,925, and $43,140, respectively.

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