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Volkswagen Caddy Review & Ratings


The VW Caddy was introduced in 1980, and it is still being produced to this day. It’s a commercial vehicle, principally sold in Europe. It was actually first introduced in Europe, and it expanded to other markets around the world in future years.

The Volkswagen Caddy Van is advertised by VW as being compact and cable, perfect for a fleet that wants a car-like aesthetic and versatility, and cheap enough for the typical small business owner to afford at just £13,945 to purchase outright or £199 a month to lease.

The Caddy Van range is extremely versatile, and it can suit the needs of most small business owners that have a particular need for a small commercial vehicle. It comes in a long or short wheelbase, a van or seven-seat variety, has two super-efficient fuel economy options, and VW bills it as the answer to any light commercial van question that a business owner could possibly have. Versatility and affordability are the two words that come to mind when describing this stellar light commercial vehicle.

Features That Business Owners Will Love

VW says that the Caddy drives like a car, is a trustworthy van, and that it is spacious and efficient too.

Smooth Driving: The Caddy is supposedly very easy to drive and get around in. It comes stock with a DSG automatic gearbox and a serious focus on driver ergonomics. VW calls it a “driver’s dream”.

Trustworthy & Dependable: This is the most reliable van in its class according to VW, as well as the third-party Fleet News 50 report. It comes with an Electronic Stability Programme, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, and Electronic Differential Lock to ensure no skidding, swerving, or inadvertent movement that could injure a driver, your vehicle, or the goods inside. This vehicle was well thought-out from the inside out to ensure that it offers a smooth, safe, and serious driving experience for any small business owner and his drivers.

Spacious & Efficient: Even though the Caddy is compact to the observer, it belies a spacious interior that you wouldn’t believe by looking at it. It has a couple of wheelbases, and it can seat up to seven people. Using this van for maid service, for example, would be a particularly good idea. Up to seven maids could be seated in the vehicle, with plenty of space to spare for their cleaning equipment. The VW Caddy is the quintessential light commercial vehicle. The Caddy fits any need and budget. Just think ‘versatility’ and ‘affordability’ when you think of the Caddy.

Affordability For Every Small Business Owner

The Caddy is extremely easy to afford, and it comes in at just £199 a month. If you are a small business owner with a need for a commercial vehicle of this sort, then you have that kind of extra cash to expense out for a commercial van. There are multiple finance plans to suit your needs too.

The Caddy has been a proven commercial vehicle standout for more than three solid decades, garnering critical praise and doing the job for business owners in Europe and elsewhere. It is a dependable and fuel-efficient fleet vehicle that looks and drives like a car. It offers the best of both worlds. The price is within reach of nearly every serious commercial van buyer, and it comes in a variety of beautiful colors. If you want one of the best offerings on the market for commercial vehicles, look no further than this one.

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