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Vauxhall Adam Review & Ratings

The all-new Vauxhall Adam city car, in its rainbow of mix- and-match colours, promises something for everyone. It is Vauxhall’s stab at the Fiat 500 and Mini, and the manufacturer reckons this thoroughly modern, rather than retro, offering will tap into the psyche of younger fashion-conscious car buyers.

So who will go for the Adam? The feelers we put out were grasped by everyone ranging from the young to the young at heart. Citroën has already pulled off youthful bling with its DS3, but can the Adam do the same? here’s what our readers had to say.

Users reviews:

1) ‘I can definitely see myself in one of these – it’s just so cool, and I’m trying to persuade my dad right now that we need an Adam. ‘I learned to drive in a Corsa, so this feels very familiar. ‘Inside, it’s very comfortable and the driving position is good. It’s not so comfortable in the rear; my dad has found it a bit cramped, and there are only two real seats back there.

The boot is much bigger than I expected, though; in fact the whole car is. Even the infotainment screen is bigger than I expected. On a lot of cars I’ve looked at, it’s a lot smaller. ‘I like all the little features: from the way the buttons on the centre console glow red to the flexible drinks holder in the front. The black alloys are very cool, too.

‘The only thing that fazes me is the price once you start adding options. This car we’re sitting in, with all its extras, is £17,000. You can get a year-old Audi A1 for that price with all the trimmings, which makes you think.’

2) ‘What strikes me about the Adam is that it’s bigger inside than it looks. This has much more space than a Fiat 500 and my Ka. ‘I would have the Adam in red and white – it’s so striking. It also shows off the car’s lines so much better than the solid grey, which might be more masculine, but just doesn’t stand out as being different.

Two-tone’s really in right now – just look at the DS3. ‘I think the decals you can have are fun, such as the mud splashes on the door mirrors, but I wouldn’t bother. Just two colours works for me – much more classy. ‘If I could, I’d get an Audi TT, but I can’t afford one, and I also need to be able to carry more than two people. When I go out with my sisters, I tend to drive, so for now the Adam would be perfect. ‘If I had an Adam, I think it’s a car I’d be out in all the time – any excuse, I wouldn’t need to be going anywhere, I’d just want to be in it and showing it off to my friends as much as possible.’

3) ‘The Adam is very cool, and I’d rather have this than anything else that’s out there at the moment. The Fiat 500 is too bubbly, and to be honest I’d much prefer a car that is a bit different and that reflects my personality. ‘You can do that with the Adam – you can really make it your own car. I like the fact that if you bought the Adam you wouldn’t see any other car like it; you can be individual without having to make any modifications. ‘I also like the fact that you don’t feel like you’re in a very small car – it’s not claustrophobic at all.

Also, I’ve been sitting here playing my music quite loud, and you can’t hear it from outside the car, which is great because I really hate it when some people treat their cars like boom boxes – it’s so antisocial. ‘My only problem is that no matter how high I crank up the driver’s seat, I can’t see over the bonnet. Not being able to see the car’s nose would take a lot of getting used to, so I’d need to spec the parking sensors.’

4) ‘It’s really nice to see that Vauxhall has left its comfort zone, but a lot of the Adam seems like style over function. Just look at the height of the boot sill. Bearing in mind this is the sort of car you buy to pop out to the shops in, that’s a hefty lip to lift your bags over. ‘Mind you, it’s bigger than you’d expect inside; bearing in mind I’m 6ft 4in, I can fit in. Impressive. ‘What I really like about it is that it’s different from everything else. So many cars are interchangeable these days – take the Renault Mégane and the Vauxhall Astra GTC, for example. This is different.
‘I also like the infotainment system – it’s really intuitive and it wouldn’t puzzle anyone, even technophobes; you can connect to Bluetooth without thinking. ‘The other car on my shortlist is the Alfa romeo Mito, and this has done nothing to take my eyes off that. Vauxhall has tried too hard to please too many people – they’ve thrown too much at it and it feels a little gimmicky.’

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