Toyota Vios Review & Ratings

The Toyota Vios, sometimes referred as the Toyota Yaris Sedan and the Toyota Belta, went into production in 2002, and it has had quite a long production run. It is still being produced to this day. It is a subcompact passenger sedan, and the Toyota Soluna and Toyota Tercel preceded it. It was manufactured for the newer markets in the Asia Pacific region.

As mentioned, the car introduced in the early 2000s, and it acted as a replacement for the Tercel. The Tercel was referred to as the Soluna in the countries of Thailand and Indonesia. It was one of three cars manufactured by Toyota for the subcompact class in the area (the Camry and the Corolla were the other two. Starting in 2005, the Vios was also sold and marketed in conjunction with a hatchback, the Yaris. They were marketed together in most Asia Pacific countries. In Australia and the United States, the 2nd generation Vios is referred to as the Toyota Yaris sedan.

The word “Vios” isn’t just a made-up word. It actually comes from Latin, and it translates to “to move forward”.

3rd Generation Vios (2013-present)

Fast forward to the present day, and we see that the Vios is still going strong. The car manufacturer was true to the name of the car “to move forward”, and the car moved all the way from 2002 to the present day with great marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction.

The 3rd generation Vios was shown off for the first time at the March 2013 Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand. It was featured under the slogan of “Value Beyond Belief”. Toyota’s goal is to market the car on a global level with top-flight, cutting-edge, and world-class standards.

Toyota says that the car is based on luxury design for both the interior and the exterior. The exterior has been made bigger in length, but it has retained the same width. It has added some height. The interior is even more spacious than it was previously, but its speedometer is no longer positioned on the center of the dashboard like the previous models of the Vios.

Critical & Consumer Reception

The Vios is marketed heavily and sold in Singapore, Brunel, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, China, and Taiwan. The Vios has had the most sales in Thailand, followed by China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and Brunel. The Vios has sold more than 625,000 models in Thailand alone, but it only sold 36,000 in Vietnam. Note that these are ten-year totals for sales between 2004 and 2013. The total global sales were over 1.5 million for the ten years from 2004 to 2013. This is one of Toyota’s most reliable-selling cars in the Asia Pacific region.

Still Going Strong!

The Toyota Vios has been around for quite a long time now, and it is still speeding right along (pun intended). This is a fun, fabulous, exciting, and spacious car that is built for a wide audience. It is affordable, and it is a good fit for a small family. In every expertly-crafted detail, it is a smart next-gen car that has everything a single person, couple, or family could want. There is enough space to get away from one place to another, but it’s also small and cute enough that you could drive it as a single person and still look stylish, interesting, and cool. This car has the best of both worlds, and it’s a good car to buy if you are single now but might meet someone and start a family later on. It’s also highly affordable.

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