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Toyota Avensis Review & Ratings

Who isn’t familiar with Toyota nowadays? Its new Toyota Avensis is definitely one to watch this upcoming season. It’s a mid-sized car, but one that will surely catch the eye of everyone. Even though the Avensis might not be the best choice for people who want a race car, it is amazing on motorways, having no problems with bumps in the road.


The Toyota Avensis was launched in 1997. It was actually a revamped edition of Carina E. Actually, the engine ended up the only thing in common between the Avensis and the Carina, as everything else was completely redesigned. Originally the Toyota Avensis had 4 engines and 3 styles for the body, which included the hatchback, the estate, and the saloon. In mid-2000, the Toyota Avensis had a modern overhaul, in which a variable valve-timing was put in along with satellite navigation, a body kit, and a tuned suspension.


The basic version of the Toyota Avensis has 4 doors, a 1.8 engine and uses unleaded fuel. It also has manual gears and turns from 0-62mph/9.4s. The 1.8 Valvematic Active model runs on automatic gears and is on 0-62mph/10.4s. The 2.0 D-4D Active model, on the other hand, has a 2.0 engine, uses diesel fuel, and runs on 0-62mph/9.7s. However, even the basic version is more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest driver.

Safety and Security

As a family car you can be sure that the Toyota Avensis offers top protection for its passengers. It is on the larger side, but that simply means that it is more spacious, thus it can offer more security. The car contains standard features for safety and security such as power windows and airbags. The exterior is also built in sold and hard quality which makes it harder for other cars or forces in the environment to penetrate into it. Electronic stability control and a seatbelt warning system come included in all models to offer better protection against whiplash, should the car be involved in an accident. The Avensis offers the best security for side crashes. With a thorax airbag and a head-curtain, the driver as well as the passengers are completely secure in the event of a side impact.

Space and Comfort

The Toyota Avensis puts space as a priority as opposed to style. The interior may look simple and offer few outstanding comforts, but its space management is unparalleled. When the seats are folded back, the already spacious boot space gains even more space, so you will never have to worry about running out of room with the Avensis. It also fits in 5-7 passengers, so it is a pretty good car for carpooling, especially because you can fit schoolbags or work equipment in the bunk with room to spare.

Quality and value

The Toyota Avensis is definitely a great investment. It looks a lot better than its predecessors and has a great space all around. You can also see that its fleet type statistics are great at around 119g/kg over 60mpg. The interior may look rather boring, but it’s solidly built and reliable, so the dashboard won’t look like a cheap plastic knock-off. Because of its spaciousness, the Avensis can be applicable to almost any situation – as a family and a utility vehicle on both urban and rural areas. Despite it’s simple design, it’s a car for almost any situation.


One thing about all Toyotas – they are reliable. The Avensis is not an exception. It can be used to drive children to school, co-workers to work, travel around Europe – through city streets to a more treacherous terrain – the Avensis is one to take you anywhere in style. It may not be the most beautiful and pampered car on the market, but it’s one that gets not one, but many jobs done.

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