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Toyota Auris Review & Ratings

The Toyota Auris, called the Toyota Corolla in New Zealand and Australia, went into production in 2006, and it is still going strong to this day (currently October 2014). The Toyota Corolla (E120) preceded it. It is a compact hatchback based off of the Toyota Corolla. It came out in 2006, and the 1st generation had in common the E150 platform with the Corolla. Furthermore, another station wagon and hatchback named the Touring Sports integrates the E180 platform for the newest generation. The word “Auris” is not a made-up word, either. Toyota doesn’t just make up random words for their cars, even though it seems that way to most laypeople. Auris is derived from the Latin word for “gold”, which is aurum.

In European countries, Toyota tried to market the Auris as the car that would replace the Corolla hatchback, while the other sedan carried on with the Corolla name. It is not sold in the United States, as the bigger Toyota Matrix is what is marketed in its place here (that goes for all of North America too).

This is a small family car. It’s a compact car. It’s not a subcompact car. This car is big enough for you to take your whole family around in, but it is also small enough to be fun and cute. For just the 1st generation, it was called the Toyota Blade in the country of Japan. That sleek, svelte, cool, and smart name really clicked with Japanese consumers, and the car had a good take in that country when it was first introduced there. It just goes to show you (pay attention marketers) that a name can make a big difference in sales. The Toyota Allex preceded the Toyota Auris in Japan, as well as the Corolla RunX. Toyota New Zealand and Toyota Australia were against the idea from Toyota Japan of taking on the new European name of Auris for the Corolla.

2nd Generation (2012-Present)

The 2nd generation of this car was first revealed in August of 2012. It has a lower and wider stance with a more elegant and luxurious interior.

It was first revealed at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Sales in Europe took place beginning in early 2012. It started to sell in Japan in fall of 2012, and in New Zealand and Australia in October of 2012, and it was called the Toyota Corolla Hatchback there.

Going For The Gold

The word auris is based of the Latin word aurum, which means “gold”. This car is certainly selling in such high numbers that the manufacturers are making that “gold”. Indeed, the Auris is true to its name.

The Auris is an affordable, nicely priced, and warranty-protected car.

Still, there has been some criticism leveled against the car. It wouldn’t be fair to review the car in-depth without at least skimming the surface on them. Some say that it isn’t that fun to drive, that the refinement should be a little nicer, and the trim isn’t as smart or elegant as the best small family cars.

All in all, this car is smartly priced, drives well, and makes for a reliable car for a small family. The Auris is the car that you buy if you just want a safe, reliable, and affordable car for your whole crew. You’re not going to have a lot of bells & whistles with this car, but that’s alright. It does its job, and it does it well. It’s a car that can get you from point A to point B, fit everyone inside, and last for a long time.

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