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Tata Indica Review & Ratings

Around 2011, Tata Motors launched the Indica eV2, which has since undergone several stages of development. The idea was to redesign the car completely, which lead to borrowing some design ideas from the BS4 version – the Indigo eCS – in order to turn the Indica into a hatchback. The car sports a diesel engine, as well as a 1.2 liter MPFI petrol motor, that runs on 62bhp. The car wasn’t built for speed, as it lacks in engine with a torque of 140Nm and 69bhp. The car takes a standstill of 16.44 seconds up to 100kph. The Indica is a perfect little car for a small couple living in the city – it’s light, bright, and simple.


The Tata Indica is the very first passenger car from Tata Motors, which is based in India. Apart from gaining success worldwide, it is India’s brightest gem and the most preferred vehicle in the streets. As India has a dire need of taxis, Tata Motors saw this as an opportunity to advertise the Indica. Not long after, it became ‘the’ taxi of India. Even though the image of an everyman’s taxi may have tarnished the Indica’s image somewhat, Tata Motors are excellent at providing high-quality products and high-quality service to still be ahead of similar models. In 2008, there have been 900,000 Tata Indica cars manufactured. Annual sales of the Indica have reached around 144,690 units between 2006 and 2007. Every month, the company is able to sell over 800 units.


The Tata Indica touts Power steering, Power windows, alloy wheels, tinted windshields, and a 4-spoke steering wheel. Not only that, but this car also has a HVAC – heater, ventilation, and air-conditioning. It also boasts a turbocharger and an intercooler, ventilated disk brakes, powerful fog lamps and night-adjust rear view mirror. As you can see, the Indica is well-equipped for any occasion. It also has central locking with a remote key-less entry, a chrome tip on the silencer, chrome lining on its grille and bonnet, black and beige interiors, and a rear spoiler with an integrated LED stop lamp. Just for the taxis, the Indica has a driver and passenger seatbelt warning, a child lock on the rear doors, and a door-open warning, to ensure safety at all times.

Safety and Security

Safety is not a concern for the average Indica driver. A solid chassis and a sturdy build gives a safe and comfortable feel to the car, so the driver won’t have to worry about the Indica falling apart in the middle of the road. Because of its affiliation to taxis, Tata Motors paid special attention to notifications to the driver, the passengers, and any passersby. With extra indications of the car stopping or in traffic, the Indica is truly a car that anyone can feel safe in.

Space and Comfort

The Indica is simplicity at work – it’s small, but feels just right for a small family or a young couple, its features are average, but it looks elegant and cheerful. Overall, it is the perfect car for a simple and safe driving experience without all the bells and whistles of a heavy SUV.

Quality and value

Because the Indica is used in the taxi business in a country as busy as India, you can be sure that it is one reliable car. As it includes all of the necessities a driver would need and excludes all the extra “fat”, it offers great value for money, especially for a small family or a single person living in a city.


Strong, sturdy, and easy to maneuver – that is what the Tata Indica hopes to let get across. There is nothing better than a taxi to bring you safe and sound to wherever you need to go.

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