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Suzuki Ignis Review & Ratings

There are many things one can say about the Suzuki Ignis. One is that it has a mash-up of styles that range from being a mini-sized car to a small off-roader kind of car; therefore, some consider it having a sporty look. It can also be called a super-mini car. The Suzuki Ignis is also available as a four-wheel drive and has a fair overall performance. One advantage that the Ignis has over some of its competitors is how spacious it is. It is of a very tall shape, which gives it a lot of vertical room for both luggage space and passenger comfort. Despite looking pretty, the Ignis can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so it can be used in any situation.


The Suzuki Ignis was designed to replace the older Suzuki Cultus. The latter was known under the name Suzuki Swift in markets such as Japan. In 2001, the Ignis inspired the Chevrolet Cruze, which is how it was known in regions that the Swift was popular in. In Australia and Asia, the Cruze was further renamed as the Holden Cruze. Finally, in 2003, the car took on a longer design and was called by its original name – the Suzuki Swift, though Subaru did adopt it to its Europe-exclusive market.


The Suzuki Ignis has a great engine power of 1.3-liter 16V (94 Hp). The car contains five doors for ease of access for the passengers as well as the luggage. It also boasts of a speed of 160 km/h; the acceleration from a standstill to a hundred kilometers per hour is at 11.1 seconds. Its fuel tank can carry a volume of 41 liters. With a length of 3770 mm, a width of 1605 mm, and a height of 1565 mm, and featuring a hatchback design, you can truly say that the Suzuki Ignis fits in everywhere: from a construction utility vehicle to a chic girls’ night out, to a children’s birthday party.

Safety and Security

The Suzuki Ignis offers several safety measures to make you and your passengers feel safe. There are four airbags, an electronic brake force distribution system, anti-lock brakes, key-less entry, and even a full seatbelt for the middle-back passenger. It also offers an immobilizer, which is a feature designed to have the engine not work unless the right key is used, so the car cannot be stolen without physically having the key. Because the Ignis is key-less, it is indeed one car that is not easy to steal.

Space and Comfort

Even though the Ignis is a five-seat and a five-door car, it is still a little small for a larger family. However, it is still perfect for younger passengers, which makes it a great carpooling car. Adults may feel a bit snug in the car, but that varies depending on the passengers. The front seats have more legroom, so anyone who isn’t too comfortable in the back can try their hand at the front seats. The driver’s seat is adjustable to fit any configuration.

Quality and value

If you need a sleek and practical car then the Suzuki Ignis is what you need. Its small, but very effective use of space within the car enables you to remain comfortable even if the car is full-up. The dashboard may look somewhat cheap and plastic, but all parts are of high-quality.


City people as well as constant busy business people will find the Suzuki Ignis an adaptable and very quick car to move around in. Just because of the ways it can be applied to everyday usage is it worth getting.

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