SsangYong Rexton Review & Ratings

Having been the flagship SUV of the South Korean automaker SsangYong, the Rexton has everything you will need in an SUV. Power, performance, looks, and of course practicability. All of this has been rolled into one and it is called the SsangYong Rexton. This SUV not only looks and feels good, but is efficient as well. Although the engine consumes little fuel, it is still powerful enough to do its job and match other vehicles in its class. Having been around for years and always being improved by top class engineers and designers, people should expect this SUV to be a cut above its competition.


Based on the Mercedes-Benz M-Class W163, the SsangYong Rexton has been around since 2001. The first generation Rexton was in production until 2006 and was primarily available with a four-wheel drive train with an option of 3 engines: the 2.7 l CRDI engine, the 2.9 l diesel, and the 3.2 l petrol engine. All of these were under license from the German automaker Mercedes-Benz. In 2006, the 2nd generation of Rexton was first released in Malaysia. Then, in 2010, an upgraded version was released, which had new features that would make in a step above its predecessor.


The SsangYong Rexton runs on a 2696cc, 2.7 liter, diesel engine that can produce a maximum of 162 bhp at 4000 rpm with a maximum torque of 340 Nm at 1800-3250 rpm. Its transmission is a 5-speed manual gearbox. It can reach a top speed of 180 km/h and can run at 12.4 km per liter of diesel. The 5-speed automatic variant with an all-wheel drive has 184 bhp at 4000 rpm and a max torque of 402 Nm at 1600-3000 rpm. This variant has a top speed of 194 km/h and can run for about 11.18 km per liter. The exterior of the SsangYong Rexton is known to look aggressive yet trendy.

Safety and Security

The Rexton is a safe car given all these safety features: Anti-lock brakes (ABS), driver and passenger airbags, side airbags (front), side impact beams, driver and passenger seatbelts, automatic headlamps, ventilated front disc brakes, and power door locks. It also has an Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with an Active Rollover Protection (ARP), Hill Descent Control (HDC), and speed-sensing door locks.

Space and Comfort

This mid-sized SUV is able to fit up to 7 people comfortably. The last row of seats can be folded back to increase luggage space, which comes with floor and side panel compartments. Just like any other top of the line SUV, the Rexton comes with tons of features. These features include the usual air-conditioner, rear air-conditioner vents, adjustable seats, foldable rear seat, cruise control, and multi-function steering wheel. Riding the Rexton will not only be comfortable, but elegant and enjoyable as well.

Quality and Value

The SsangYong Rexton's overall design has made it an SUV that people can rely on. With all of the safety features and mechanical ingenuity, this SUV can be an everyday car that can give you a smooth everyday ride. The very efficient engine consumes very little fuel, which is one of the strongest features that make this car an ecological high-quality vehicle.


If you are looking for a practical SUV, this is the one you want to have. You can fit 7 people inside, but if you need the space to carry a larger load, you can easily fold back the seats and accommodate large items at the back with its spacious interior. It is also known as a good family vehicle, as it can function well as a carpool car, a family getaway car, a shopping car, and pretty much anything else.

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