Skoda Rapid Spaceback Review & Ratings: Design, Features, Performance, Specifications ...

Skoda Rapid Spaceback Review & Ratings

Skoda Rapid Spaceback – The Skoda Rapid Now in a Hatchback!

We all loved the Skoda Rapid when it came out, but now it’s possibly got even better by introducing a line of sub-models available in a hatchback format.

The hatchback itself is appealing to a lot of people – just by making the back open in a hatch format, it appeals to a younger generation. At the same time, it increases cargo capacity and the practicality of loading more bags, which helps families climb onboard with the Spaceback concept.

Initial Impressions

When you first look at the Rapid Spaceback, you’ll be taken away by the aggressive styling. It’s almost like Skoda was trying to make this car look like and compete with the hot hatches on the market, even if the performance numbers don’t quite match what you might expect of a car in that class.

Never the less, younger audiences will be drawn to the modern lines, and older generations will still be able to appreciate the practicality. From the headlights to the taillights, this car tries to scream performance in the most subtle ways, while still appealing to the wide range of audiences needed to sell cars en masse. This isn’t an easy task to pull off, but Skoda managed to make it happen with this design.

Interior Features

Thankfully, this hatch offers a lot of space once you step inside, which is something a lot of cars in this class just can’t quite pull off. It’s definitely a task for the engineers to be able to pull off something that looks professional and comfy, but still allows plenty of space to stretch out on a long trip. They managed to pull it off, which makes for a great model.

Some of the hidden features that might take a while of owning this car to discover include an ice scraper that’s located enclosed inside the fuel filler cap, allowing you to scrape off excess ice accumulation that might otherwise get in the way of your fuel filling process.

The Rapid has a twin sided cover located in the rear hatch, so if you have a spill or one side gets dirty, you can simply flip it over to keep your cargo area clean until the next time you have a chance to clean it off. A lot of cars don’t have a place to store extra trash, but the Rapid Spaceback isn’t one of those cars. It has an actual trash can located inside the cabin (on the door) for easy clean up of all your messes.

For MP3 players and iPods, they include a special spot to stash those, ensuring you can listen to all of your favorite tunes without being interrupted or constantly having to catch your devices from flying all over the place.

Safety Extras

When it comes to driving around, nothing is really more important than safety, but it is a topic that is far too often skipped over. The Skoda Rapid Spaceback has multiple airbags, including special ones that protect just your head (in addition to standard front impact bags). There’s also side impact bags, so if you get T-boned at an intersection, you can ensure both you and the passengers in the back are safe no matter what happens.

If it can be called a safety feature, they do include fog lights. These are often for decoration, but they can actually increase visibility in poor conditions if used right. The trick is to keep your brights off in order to let the Skoda’s fog lamps shine under the fog to illuminate the road ahead and help you make a safe journey.

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