Skoda Felicia Review & Ratings

Mention the Skoda Felicia among real car enthusiasts and you are sure to get some serious glances. Why? Because this car is among the most serious cars to ever be manufactured. The Scoda Felicia is very reliable and is probably the best European car to ever be built. This little dear of a hatchback is one dependable automobile. When talking about room, the Skoda Felicia gives you plenty of sitting and riding room. It also has a big trunk that makes it easy for you to carry your luggage around without literally stuffing it into the backseat. Top quality Skoda Felicias were built in the time of Volkswagens. Even though the driving experience is not that of a speedy car, it is still very enthralling. You can trust that the engine will come purring whenever you need it as with the rest of the car, it is very reliable.


The Skoda Felicia was manufactured in the Czech Republic. This was under Skoda Automobile which was headed by a bookstore owner, Vaclav Laurin and his brother. The small shop was a bicycle repair back in 1895. Their bike repair started when they could not find the parts they needed to keep repairing their bikes. Owing to a patriotic urge, the company was named Slava and then changed to Laurin and Clement Co. After a few years they began assembling motorcycles. They then entered and won races which motivated the brothers to begin exporting their motorcycles to London. The first model they marketed was the Voiturette A. The brothers further expanded into making cars in 1905. Internationally and locally, the company was well known by then.


The Skoda Felicia has an internal combustion engine which comes in a four-cylinder design. These engines operate on the 4 stroke cycle, are water cooled and also fuel injected. This car has a powertrain which has engines that are mounted on the front of the automobile and that are positioned transversely. The engines of the of the Skoda Felicia include Skoda petrol engines, Bosch Mono Motronic single-point fuel injection and the Siemens multi-point fuel injection, a 1.3 litre overhead valve engine with either 40 or 50 kilowat outputs. The 55 kilowatt 1.6 litre petrol engine with Magneti Marelli multi-point fuel injection as well as the 47 kilowatt 1.9 L diesel engines came from the Volkswagen. The Skoda Felicia on the other hand had its very own 7 kilowatt aluminium 1.6 OHC engine. Its only transmission option is a 5 speed manual gearbox in transaxle design with differential and as well as final drive units.

Safety and Security

The Skoda Felicia is relatively safe and keeps you secure at all times. It has basic safety and security accessories such as dependable seat belts, air bags, power windows and the like.

Space and Comfort

There are very few cars that are as comfortable as the Skoda Felicia. Aside from its exquisite façade, the inside is also glamorous. To top it all off, there is enough room for friends and family alike who would like to hitch a ride with you. Sudden camping trips are never a problem with the Felicia in your possession.

Quality and value

Quality wise, the Skoda Felicia is a very solid choice. Not only has Skoda proven itself to the whole world, it has also been in the business for a long time and has proven that it can develop more products in the future.


If you want to make the most out of your money you can always go for the Skoda Felicia. It’s a high quality, long lasting car that is a very sound investment.

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