Shelby GT500 Review & Ratings

The Shelby GT500 is a variant with higher performance levels of Ford’s Mustang. The Shelby was manufactured by Shelby American in the years 1965 through 1967. From 1968 through 1970 it was manufactured by Shelby Automotive. After the 5th generation of the Ford Mustang, the Shelby name was revived in the year 2007 for the higher performing versions of the Mustang and it was designed and manufactured by Ford at their Ford Plants.


The Shelby’s that were produced in the years 1965 and 1966 were the smallest and the lightest. These calls are often referred to as Cobras, which was a 2 seat sports car that was produced by Shelby America at the same time. Both of the models use a cobra emblem as well as a similar paint scheme. They also both offered an option for Cobra valve covers that were a tie in to a marketing campaign from Shelby.

The 1965 Shelby GT350 was not designed with ease of driving or comfort in mind. There were 34 race spec cars that were built to be used in competitions using SCCA rules. This model was the champion for 3 years in a row.

In 1969 the Cobra tag was dropped and the vehicles were marketed as being the GT 350 and as the Shelby GT 500. Each version received extensive facelifts, with the body increasing by 4 inches in length. Shelby did not have a lot of input for these models as Ford was heavily involved.

There were no models produced in the year 1970, but 1969 models that were not sold were given a 1970 id.

Current Models

The GT500 is an ultimate performance style of the Mustang. It is available with a convertible or a coupe style body. There are several significant upgrades that have been made to the Shelby. One of the most notable upgrades it the 5.8 L V8 that is all aluminum. It offers 662 horsepower and provides the coupe style with top speeds of over 200 miles per hour. The convertible has been limited to 155 miles per hour.

The gear box is a six speed manual that will spin the back tires through a solid rear axle with limited slip. In addition, an adjustable launch control system that allows drivers to choose their preferred launch rpm, and an adjustable steering assist are available.

Standard features including brembo brakes, 19 inch alloy tires, leather seats, xenon headlights, and an audio system that has a CD player that includes USB/auxiliary audio jacks as well as satellite radio. There is also a sync voice control system for multimedia platforms.

Some of the options that are available include a navigational system, a glass roof option for the Coupe model, HD radio, dual climate control, as well as an upgraded sound system. There are several performance packages available for the vehicle as well.


There were only a few thousand GT500s built between the years 1967 and 1970 and since then, these vehicles have remained extremely popular among Mustang collectors and enthusiasts. When it comes to overall performance and comfort, the modern version is a much better vehicle. However, potential consumers should know that many buyers were not happy with the handling of the modern era GT500s. The newest models are more appealing as they have engines that are much more powerful and a revised suspension tuning.

Overall, the Shelby GT500 offers incredible performance, great handling, agile steering response, a precise gearbox, as well as a solid cabin quality. The ride is quite comfortable, with its support seats and several thoughtful features such as the Sync system.

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