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A member of the Volkswagen Group, Seat is a Spanish car manufacturer. The Toledo that is offered by Seat is a compact car that was first introduced to the lineup for the company in the year 1991. The most recent generation of the Toledo was introduced in the late part of 2012 as a model year 2013 vehicle.


The first version of the Toledo was as a 5 door lift back sedan. This first generation was sold from the year 1991 through 1999. This was the first of the Seat cars that was developed under ownership by the Volkswagen group. It was manufactured using the Golf MK2 platform. It had a 550 liter boot that expanded up to 1360 liters when the back seats were folded down.

Saloon style small family cars are quite rare in Europe, the Toledo was often looked at as being a larger family car because of the size of its boot as well as its length overall. This was even though it offered less leg room and had a price similar to those of smaller family cars.

A mild facelift was done to the model in the year 1996. However, the sales of the Toledo were never strong.

The second generation of the Toledo was first introduced in the year 1998 and it debut at the Paris Motor Show of that year. It was now a 4 door sedan. The second generation of the vehicle was a bit more rounded in shape and had a design that was much more fluid.

The second generation shared several components with the Skoda PQ34 and the Volkswagen Bora. However, the Toledo was sportier. The interior dashboard was influenced by the first generation of the Audi A3.

Being built on the Golf MK4 platform meant that it had stiff springs. These were needed in order to support the large load of 500 liter boot that increased to 830 when the back seats were folded down. The early models of the Toledo were built in the Volkswagen plant located in Belgium.

The Toledo was offered as an alternative to the lower level D segment. One of the most noted features of the second generation was the tailgate was removed and replaced with a boot opening that was more traditional of a saloon. The next year, the Toledo was used for the base of the hatchback the Leon Mk1.

A third generation of the Toledo was introduced in the year 2004 at the Paris Auto Show even though a preview of this generation was shown at the Madrid Motor Show earlier the same year. The bodywork was completely different than that of the other 2 generations. The 3 box saloon style was abandoned for the 5 door hatchback styling. Walter de ’Silva designed this generation which was now closer in styling to a more compact MPV.

The pretense of offering a sporty vehicle was thrown out with this third generation. The image was now more upscale. There was a larger 500 liter boot featured that can be increased to 1440 liters when the seats are folded down in the back.


Along with many of the other Seats, the Toledo offers a fairly reliable vehicle. In the year 2006, Warranty Direct, which is a provider for mechanical warranties in the United Kingdom, rated the Toledo higher than the Golf and the Audi A3 that were produced over the same time frame.

In the year 2010, even though the Toledo was out of production, the Toledo was still ranked in the top 100 of the reliability index from Warranty Direct.

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