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Scion TC Review & Ratings

The Toyota car manufacturing company offers the Scion TC in its lineup of sport compact coupes. The Scion was first introduced to the United States in the year 2004 and in Canada it was introduced in the year 2010. While there have been many cosmetic differences in the model throughout the years, the TC actually only offers 2 distinct generations. Beginning in the year 2011, the TC started being sold as the Zelas in China, the Middle East, South America, and in Central America. The Scion is not sold in Japan or any of the other right hand driving markets. Most see this vehicle as being the successor of the Toyota Celica because of the initials TC, the market, and the category as well as the fact that the Celica was discontinued in the year 2005, which was the first model year of the vehicle.

First Generation

The first generation of the Scion was introduced to the market in January of 2004 and production and sales of the model started in June of 2004 as a model year 2005. The design of the Scion was meant to attract the millennial market. Toyota hoped to attract millennial by offering several great standard features and several optional features that were easy to add on as well as providing the vehicle with a sporty flair.

Another major feature of the Scion is the low price tag, which was a base of $17670 for the model offered in 2009 with a manual transmission. Some of the standard features that came with the Scion during this model year were cruise control, power windows, keyless entry, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, 17 inch alloy tires, pioneer sound system with a CD player, and a panoramic moon roof.

Current Model

The current version of the Scion TC is a compact hatchback that offers seating for 5. The standard engine is a 2.5 L 4 cylinder that boasts 179 hp. The standard transmission is a 6 speed manual and the only factory option is a 6 speed automatic. The fuel economy is a respectable 26 miles per gallon, but most rival vehicle tend to be a bit more fuel efficient.

There are 2 trim levels available, the base edition and the limited edition. The standard features offered with the base model include 18 inch alloy tires, tilt steering, panoramic sunroof, Bluetooth technology, 8 speaker sound system, CD player, touch screen interface, iPod/USB interface, RCA output jacks, and HD radio. The 10 series that was offered in celebration of the tenth birthday of the Scion adds dark finished tires, a unique silver paint, LED accent lights, illuminated badges, and premium stitching on the steering wheel and on the seats. Some of the dealer installed options include upgraded audio units, navigation system, and interior mood lighting that is multicolored.


The coup like roof line does a great job of masking the hatchback utility of the Scion that provides it with a large cargo space and a backseat that is surprisingly spacious. Taking your friends out or moving to a new apartment is much easier with this model than it would be with a more traditional coupe. The ability to be both practical and cool is one of the biggest appeals of this particular model of vehicle. Another attraction of the Scion is the parent company Toyota, which has a reputation of being quite reliable.

The 2009 model has been the best selling version of the Scion. There were almost 80000 sold in the year 2009, but the sales started to dwindle in the year 2010, with only around 15,000 units being sold.

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