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Rover 75 Review & Ratings

The Rover Group is a British Car manufacturer. The company produced the mid-sized Rover 75 under their marque. It was available with either an estate or a saloon style body and with four wheel drive. There was also a long wheel base available with rear wheel drive. In the year 2001, MG Rover launched a MG branded version of the Rover named the MG ZT.

Rover 75s were manufactured in Cowley, Oxford shire by Rover Group. Production only lasted for a year. After the BMW Company divested interests in the Rover, the production of the 75 was moved to Birmingham to their Longbridge site.

The first Rover 75 was shown to the public in the year 1998 and the Motor Show in Birmingham. Deliveries of the vehicle started in the year 1999.


The Rover 75 began its life as a part of 3 newly created designs. This group was created under Richard Woolley’s guidance and included a larger saloon style vehicle with a code name of Flagship, a smaller car with a codename Eric, and of course the 75. Of all three of the designs, the 75 was the only concept that was carried on. The first idea was to simply put a new skin on the Rover 600. However, once BMW took over, it was decided that the 600 platform was not going to be reused, but actually replaced with a model that was entirely new.

Work for the new model of vehicle began and progressed without very much operational input being offered by BMW. The overall styling of the vehicle was received well from each of the companies and the management and it was believed that the classic look would be ideal for the Rover.

When the Rover 75 was launched it was believed that the vehicle used the BMWs 5 series platform. This might have been because of the large size of the vehicle and because the rear suspension system from the parent company was used. However, this was not the case as the Rover engineers had used their own research and design for the vehicle.

When launched the Rover 75 received high praise for the design integrity and the styling. There were a few critics that stated the design was “too retro.”

Assembly of the 75 was completed at Cowley originally, but in the year 2000 manufacturing was moved to England. In 2001, a Rover 75 Tourer was introduced and this was then followed by the MG ZT as well as the MG ZT-T. These two models were a bit sportier looking.

From the year 2000 through the year 2004, there were not many changes made to the range of vehicles. The biggest change was to the engine as a lower pressure turbocharged engine was added to the 2.5 liter V6 engine. The turbocharged engine was “greener” and benefited drivers in Britain who are taxed for their carbon dioxide emissions.

The Monogram program was launched for the Rover. This program allowed consumers to order their vehicle in a variety of exterior paint colors with different interior trims available as well as several optional extras that are installed during production.


The Rover 75 received an update in the year 2004. The design was changed to make the 75 look a bit more European and less retro. There were some technical upgrades. The front was changed house a bumper that was a bit more angular and fitted with a lower grille made of mesh. The door mirrors were larger and halogen projector one piece headlights were added.

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